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While this Blog will always remain mainly dedicated to music I did say when I started it that I would also discuss Movies and Tv shows here and there.

I am a huge Horror Genre Fan. Specifically paranormal based, and vampire based. I think the interest comes from the fact that when I was little I was plagued from about age 4 yrs old to 12 yrs old by sounds, voices, and the ability to know things before they were going to happen. I am still very receptive to when things feel off.. however it seems as if once I got older I no longer (unless something really bad is going to happen to me) have the ability to dream of things that will happen before hand like I could as a younger kid.

Nonetheless, I like intelligent horror movies. I will and have watched what I refer to as Gore fest movies and shows, but to be honest, Gore, and things such as zombies are of no interest to me. I find them to be dumbed down scares.

What I find more interesting and truly frightening are the horror based off things in the Universe that I feel in my heart truly exist. You see as I have mentioned before I am a Christian and therefore If I believe in good it would be silly as a rational, intellectual to not believe in evil. The balance of life and things in the Universe are always present. I believe in God … so I know there is Satan, I believe in Angels so I believe in Demons which I am sure most of you know are fallen , cast down Angels.

So there is nothing I love more than movies and stories based off of “true events”. I am from Maryland so The Exorcist movie and its story are def my favorite horror movie of all time. I have seen the movie about 200 times ( yes really) and it never gets old to me. I have also read the transcripts of the original exorcism that took place between two states. ( the family lived in Maryland) of the little boy that Regan McNeil of The Exorcist is based upon. One of the great things to do in the Maryland , Washington DC area at Halloween is to go to Georgetown and see and party near the home where the original Exorcist movie was filmed.

But let’s talk about todays blog,
Today’s blog is about The Exorcist TV show. I was concerned and excited when I first heard it was coming to TV. I thought “Oh God they are going to ruin it”. Because in my opinion, lets be honest, the show Damien on A&E network was just really bad, Rosemary’s Baby Miniseries on NBC not great and so on and so on. The only good shows of this type are Bate’s Motel and Hannibal which in it’s last 2 seasons kind of began to lose me.

WELL…..Boy was I wrong!! Surprisingly Fox Tv #Foxtv has produced a GLORIOUS wonderful reboot to The Exorcist Franchise. I am a huge fan of The Originals on CW so I feel like a traitor but OMG The Exorcist is without a doubt the best fucking show on the TV. I don’t think I have liked anything more than it other than THE WIRE the hands down best shit that ever happened on TV.

Pardon my language, I just get really passionate about things I love and boy do I love this show. It has been well written and well directed from the very first episode. It has shown us an actual story and layers of a family whereas the original movie kind of jumped right into the obvious possession. The show on the other hand in the beginning actually fooled us. We and the family thought it was the bedroom brooding older sister who was actually possessed.. we were all wrong. I do not want to ruin the show for those of you who have not seen it so I wont tell too many of its best moments but here are a few.

Casey Rance ( possessed girl) with her brazen stare breaking an opposing teammates leg with a stare

Casey Rance masturbating with a hot curling iron.. yes a hot curling iron.

Casey Rance tearing the ambulance workers to shreds.

and OMG the first moment when it came full circle and the boy on the train wouldn’t leave her alone and she SHREDDED HIM AS HER FATHER WATCHED IN HORROR.

And the shows true turning point when we figure out as I kind of thought all along that Angela Rance is REALLY Regan McNeil all grown up… that moment was .. just amazing.

For more moments than that You will have to watch the show. I encourage everyone to do that. and Everyone to write to and and tweet to Fox to encourage them to bring the show back next season PLEASE.

I encourage you all to get caught up and then to watch the last two episodes for this season coming up in December 2016. Last nights episode on 11/18/2016 have truly set up the atmosphere and story for some big moments yet to come right when I thought it was over.

Again this show is so thrilling, and beautifully filmed.. its a DO NOT MISS and DO NOT CANCEL show. There are shows running on TV that have been on forever that do NOT have its caliber or even come close to it.

FoxTV you must bring this back for many more seasons! It is pure greatness!

The Exorcist Friday Nights on Fox Tv

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This is another one I encourage you to watch it is so dark so amazing and MARY makes it all worth the while. Shes so damn beautiful and so evil all at once. Go back and watch all its episodes online. Things have taken quite the turn and if you did not watch this weeks past episode. WATCH IT! It too has set us up for some very interesting things to come the rest of this season.



I tried so hard to find video to show the AMAZING special effects from “The Reckoning ” Episode of Salem to embed. I was not successful but you can find it on






































My votes for best horror TV shows

1. The Exorcist
2. Salem
3 The Originals

4.  Bates Motel ( Final season coming 2017.. and it’s going to be crazy)

Guys and Gals I encourage you to watch them all and to make sure we keep them all on TV.

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