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The Good Ole Boundary Crossing Regulars…

(Image credit Twitter ~~Anne Brown)

I was searching through my old blog entries that used to be on Stormspeaks for a posting I did on regulars.


Its not one of the ones I copied and pasted, it’s in  a huge file, so I will do my best to explain the issues with how many regulars have come to 
act with myself and other ladies as of late.

I began escorting in 2001 ( I know yall are like ,”how many times is she going to tell me this?” well for the new readers, guys etc it’s needed for context)
I began escorting in the one place I tell all the ladies  I assist and mentor for to tour FIRST because in my opinion its still the one place where the men just GET IT and understand the lifestyle and how it works a little better, … .Washington DC/NOVA area.
My regulars ( yes even though I have been gone 10 yrs, I consider them that because they reach out whenever I go home to the DMV and they never forget me… so I guess I am spoiled because this is how I expect regulars to be…

BUT let me explain gripes I have heard lately from many ladies as well as those I professionally assist..

1. You think just because you are a regular, that you can contact 10-15 min before an appointment time you want and expect us to accommodate you , no matter what….

2. You forget that as much as we may enjoy time with you  and like you, it is BUSINESS, I am allowed to have a personal life, a significant other, a family and you are NOT part of that, you are a client, friend maybe , but that is it. Get out of your feelings…..respect the boundaries…

3.You think you know me/us well enough to begin to offer unsolicited advice,  hello sir, you have never been a sex worker, sure you  may know and understand how men think but even then not all men think like you, so please don’t offer input or advice you were not asked for.

4. You think because we’ve had an ongoing  thing that you can somehow get away now with trying to get a lower rate, or you do the ultimate no no and lay down a donation that is 20-50 or even 100 short, ( I haven’t had regs do this to me, because they know I am a bitch but I have heard from other friends of mine that their regs are now doing that to them)

5. You think because you’ve established a friendship of some type that you should be able to request BARE PLAY, first that is insane, secondly , I don’t care how long we have been meeting, how much you have been paying … YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL, GET OVER YOURSELF.

6. You think you can just pop up , unannounced, DON’T DO THIS, it’s stalker mentality and I personally am not scared to call the police if need be and report you, I don’t do stalker crazy crap.

7. You get very careless, and begin becoming a huge FLAKER, you want emotional attention, so you reach out, email, text, phone, book and then cancel or bs all the time, (yup you were the perfect customer at first now you are the worst and end up blacklisted)


Probably not.. so let me put it clearly
No matter how long I/she has known you, while we may like you alot, while you  may make us feel special IT IS STILL BUSINESS.
Sure for an hour, a few hours , an overnight I am your “woman, your girlfriend” but once that ends I go back to my life…
You do not have ownership, hell my real life significant other will NEVER have ownership,  I am a person and an adult. My life is my life.



Here’s what a good regular does:

1.  He replies to emails or texts ( unless he has explained to NOT contact him , he will contact you)

2.  He understands this is your living and respects it and doesn’t play games and waste your time

3.  He respects your rules and boundaries during sessions

4. He is dependable and visits you atleast 1-2 times a month regularly

5.  He is super generous , He helps with more, pays more per hour than the others, he actually spoils his companions

6. He keeps it simple and minds his business, he doesn’t give advice or interfere in your real life.

Got it gents? I hope so.

Have a good day all!

It’s the weekend


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