Kim Carne’s Betty Davis Eyes (My Therapy)


Well Music as I have mentioned is a calming and relaxing agent for me. Although still is writing, and blogging and or drawing for me.. I may begin to draw and add my pieces here and there eventually.

My day today has been horrible. As some of you who read my other blog know, or my site I have had a long term eight year on and off again relationship for awhile. Alot more on than off. Well today it ended in the worst possible,sneaky,manipulative way I could have imagined and right before the holidays, ( we have never been apart for the holidays) So this is an especially trying time for me today, tonite.

I wasn’t going to blog tonite. But I thought.. it will relax me and Lord Knows I need to relax so that I have a clear head and can get back to business.

So I decided to go thru my list of songs, movies and things I have already decided to write about as time goes on here. So I chose Betty Davis Eyes..

When I was younger a “tween” as we call them now. This song was out. I had only seen the actual Bette Davis is a few old classic films as my grandmother watched them. I remember the creepy “What’s Happened to Baby Jane” or something like that. I also remember her as I got older in the horror film Burnt Offerings.

But at any rate my mother and I ( may she rest in peace) always were told by people that we had stunning eyes. My mother favored Diana Ross a great, great, deal. My grandmom raised me and when she first heard the song “Betty Davis Eyes” by Kim Carne’s and heard me belting it out around the house she said one day men would say that about my eyes.

She wasn’t wrong, middle school, high school. and adulthood, Betty Davis Eyes, then Ebony Eyes by Rick James and Smokey Robinson, and Pretty Brown Eyes by Mint Condition would be the three main songs men chose to play for me or serenade me with.. (BTW thanks gentlemen for the compliments)

So as usual now we get to the lesson

Links on Betty Davis herself





The part of the lyrics that speak to me!


Kim Carnes Music Video

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