Why Offering Review Specials is A bad Idea

I have been asked about this alot lately from ladies who complete my ask Storm mentoring form and from ladies who have asked me thru DM on Twitter.


In the past, I too have done some not so bright things in my “newer” escort years ,BUT I can say this, NEVER EVER

have I offered any review discounts.

Even when I started out Reviews honestly just weren’t that important to me , sure at the time I appreciated them if I got them but they were not “life blood” to me. BTW I want to be clear I no longer want them. Guys you may send me a testimonial but NOT REVIEWS !

I am about to give you all the reasons why you should not do this:

  1. They will begin to expect it from you. Word will get around that you are willing and then everyone and their momma will expect to see you at discounted rates or for free just because you want reviews.
  2. How do you know he will actually review you, or that the review will be favorable? Realistically unless he reviews you before the appointment which would then render the review fake anyway, how can you be sure he will follow through on his end of the arrangement.

Imagine this scenario and I am sure it happens frequently as, let’s be serious these hobbyist are not exactly paragons of virtue,

He comes for the discounted or free session , but in true slobbyist nature has already decided he’s going to take advantage of how naive you are, or desperate you are and that he is going to go through with the appointment , BUT he is not really going to go home and write a review.  He knows he can feed you the bullshit story of “hey TER rejected the review” , or hell he can just flat out not do it at all. Let’s be serious, How can you enforce any of the agreement you guys have made?

Or he can leave and then decide to write you a piece of crap review. Again you have no real way of enforcing the parameters of your agreement.


LADIES AND GENTS, do NOT be brainwashed into believing reviews are so important that you need to bargain and negotiate just to get them. I am telling you , it will not end well for your business reputation.

If reviews are really important to you, simply earn them the right way. It should be enough at the end of a session when hugging or kissing your client goodbye to simply lean in smile and say “If you could , I’d love it if you took the time to review me of our time together , or you can even email me your thoughts”.

That should be enough. I strongly encourage controlling your own reviews by having a Testimonials page on your website with a form or your email address where they can email in their comments on your sessions and you can post them without graphic detail on your site.

Ladies and Gents,

Take control of your business back,

Have a good day!



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