Statement on Website Drama and New Rules on Site Builds

Addendum to my prior statement:

I want to be sure my point is taken and understood. I sympathize completely with and understand the anger of anyone who’s photo’s text etc are used when other people submit their content for a website, however, It is much easier for me to check for text theft in most instances than in photo theft. As stated in this particular situation this was a friend of mine for over a year, ( although we have not met in person) therefore there was no reason for me to not believe or trust them.
But the larger point I want to make here is from a business standpoint and I hope you all will understand this just as I understand your viewpoint, as a web designer, ONCE I find out any misuse has happened I address the situation but the content of a person’s site that they have commissioned and paid for is their property. I do not own their content, same as I did not and DO NOT knowingly put up bad or false content. Once I create a website and when I create, I create in good faith that photos, text supplied to me are that of the person who hired me, once I am finished my “job” then anything else that goes on is their responsibility and their property.

Eros and other sites can remove your content because you have it on THEIR SITE, I do NOT own anyone’s site therefore I have no right to just go in a customer’s site and remove items without their permission to do so. If I were Eros or owned the site that their info is on, then YES I would be able to do that. In this case however I can only remove myself from any further work and direct any problems you may have with them directly to them.

I hope my NEW rules on photos for sites help alleviate anyone’s concerns or issues moving forward, but again since I do not own the site their content is on, the issue you have MUST be with them because once I act in good faith , and complete my job, I really do not have control or say in something I do not own.




I awoke to a day from hell today. One I did not deserve to wake up to.

I am the “heaux” mom , I am who people trust, the person who does her best to help everyone, especially those who have helped me before.

I am genuine and ethical all the way around, if you are someone who has had my back, I will do what I can to do the same for you , so long as it harms no one else.

As a business person, the same is true, “first do no harm” followed by “give the customer what they request”

I recently found myself in the middle of a battle I did not sign up for. I created a website for a friend who is also a customer. In the midst of this , this site which is now about 4 mos old maybe not even that old became the subject of a dispute between herself and some men on a hobby board that felt as though she had wronged them. I am not with people on sessions, so I do not know anything other than what she shared with me on that. I believe people that I know until they give me a reason not to.

I nor no one else but herself and those gentlemen will know what occurred none of the rest of us were there.

At any rate on to the issue which has forced me to speak on it in this blog, when I created her site, she provided me with photos , I questioned her in regard to them since they were all similar and face wasnt showing and she assured me they were hers and that new photos of her would be done and shed provide them to me. She is a legal citizen now but at the time was having immigration issues and this is how the lack of face shots was explained to me, knowing her personally I believed my friend.

Now here we are and 3 or 4 ladies have brought it to my attention that their photos have been used, in ads ( WHICH I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH , I CREATED HER SITE , NOT HER ADS), and that the photos on the site belong to someone as well.

She still says and emphatically so that the website photos ( as the website photos are all I am responsible for ever seeing or touching) are hers.

HOWEVER, I have TOLD HER that I can no longer, will NO longer do photo updates, edits or touch the site anymore. I do NOT agree with or participate in image theft, bait and switch or text stealing. I NEVER HAVE WILLINGLY OR KNOWINGLY DONE THIS AND I DIDN’T SUDDENLY BEGIN!

Since this has caused so much anger and frustration and I UNDERSTAND WHY,
to the ladies whose images were used I have removed myself from her website and I have given written notice to her , two in fact regarding the matter when it first arose earlier today.

I was paid recently to do more updates and I have sent notice that I will be issuing a refund to said client because I will NOT do more updates until this photo matter has been resolved.

My company is how I support my family, escorting is slow for me currently so my websites, assisting etc are what pays my rent, my bills and supports my children, one of whom is in college.

You may see the button on my web design site that explains fully my scope of responsibility regarding websites and their content.


I will not be able to accept web site photos with your face blurred or hidden!

You will need to send me the original unedited copies and I will use photoshop and do the face blur.

or you will need to send me the blurred image along with a selfie of yourself and on both images some distinct body mark or item must be a match.

As of 8/31/2017

there will be no exception on this.


I am sorry for these new rules but I will NOT be caught in anymore drama and especially not bringing my character into question.

Please be mindful of and accept that these are the rules, there will be no exceptions from now on regarding photos.


Thank you

Storm of Taken By Storm


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