Taken By Storm Storm Assists

It is unfortunate that I need to explain this to other sexworker’s who like me are trying to make a  living, supplemental income, whatever it is that.. I need to be paid for my services.

I am quite affordable, and beyond understanding that the election year and other things have affected us all..So I have been patient and allowing ladies to pay what they could and also half now/half later.

Unfortunately I will no longer be able to allow you to pay half now half later UNLESS we have done business more than once in the past. I am having too many issues keeping my family afloat and meeting my real life responsibilities when others decide that their time is more important than mine.

I do my work for you professionally and expeditiously and I do NOT expect to have to jump thru hurdles and hoops to receive my payment.


and the payments page on stormassists.blogspot.com is very very clear in regard to how to use the wire transfer process.

So again while I understand things happen. I need my payment .. when I say I need my payment. Just like you need your site, your ad, etc your client screened etc when you need them from me.


Be professional with me.. as I am with you!



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