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Seductive Storm

“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.” – Oprah Winfrey

How long have you been an escort?

I became an escort in 2001 after a divorce and after being tired of not having anytime for my kids due to a rigorous work schedule in the medical field. Escorting allowed me to make my own schedule and to truly have more time for my children and my life.


All about me


Hello. I am Storm aka Char.

I am originally from Maryland. I have resided in Georgia 9 years now. I am friendly, intelligent and very straight forward. As a child at age 8 I was tested at 2nd year college reading level. I have a great love of music and beginning around aged 9 played clarinet, violin and piano. I also sang in symphonic choir throughout school. I as a child was also well known for my oratory skills and gave several long, lengthy speeches in front of adults for both school and church programs.

As an adult I have been certified and trained in Nursing assistant work (returning to it in a month, I was also the first Black full time Realtor in Salisbury, Maryland, and I am quite the artist I went to school and University of Maryland for 2 years for Fashion Design / Fashion Merchandising and Minored in Business. I was quite the acclaimed child artist winning several awards in shows and taking gifted and talented Art programs. I can still paint or draw a mean piece of artwork.

I am an excellent choice for the gentleman who want intelligence, strength of character and beauty in his choice of courtesan. Being a Maryland girl there are some things about me I'd like you to know:

My favorite foods are, italian, mexican and soul food. (I am an excellent cook) and REAL true fresh seafood.

My favorite wines. Red.

My favorite Music Most Rock.. no hard Metal tho, No country please,

I love hip hop( but not so much the newer down south hip hop)

I like hip hop that thinks.. if that makes sense to you.

I love 80s music

I love opera

I love the Bee Gees

PRINCE is the man!

Hans Zimmer

Are you STD and Drug Free?

Yes I am and will ALWAYS BE!

Do you allow kissing

I do not mind light kissing. I am not fond of DFK not even in my personal life. Kissing is fine... tongue down my throat.. no please. lol


Do  You Allow Breast Play?

I am an overly stimulated,hyper sensitive person around the nipple area.
I have children and NEVER breast fed because I truly cannot stand the sensation.

I DO however allow and enjoy having my whole breast area firmly cupped or grabbed. So it is not that you cannot touch my breasts at all. I simple do not enjoy direct nipple stimulation.

I hope this gives some clarity. Want to touch or fondle my breasts fine. But I am not fond of over stimulation or suckling.


What are your likes?


I love an intelligent man.

I love beautiful eyes and hair..on men to( but not heavy body hair)

A man who knows to respect a woman even a sex worker.

I love little thoughtful gestures like a bottle of wine, a nice vodka, purses,very nice shoes.

I love a man who understands the importance of letting an escort take the lead of the session.


What are your dislikes?


A pushy man.

A man with an attitude .. the ones who think we must see them, we must deal with whatever they wish simply because we are escorts.

The grabbers the ones who become overly grabby and somewhat forceful during an appointment.

Men who cannot respect boundaries.. in my opinion a boundary crosser has the potential to become a stalker or a rapist.

A disrespectful man who insults an escort by calling her degrading names simply because shes a sex worker.

why do you blacklist men?


What have been my best experiences?


I once had an overnite session off of Eros . He was a wonderful man. Picked me up and took me to his place.

We had a wonderful dinner and he then surprised me by having a full library of Andrea Boccelli .. my favorite opera singer.

It was a wonderful night Ive never forgotten it.

Another one was when I first began escorting and I had a domination appointment along with my then girlfriend and partner.

He was awesome I remember he wrote a long script of what he needed which made it very easy. He then came in with a duffle bag of all kinds of dildos to use on him. Every size, make, model and material, ball gag etc and a wooden plank board and rope

to tie his legs apart with. It was intense, I was in Control and I loved it.

But the best experience was meeting as a client, what went on to become my best friend and love of my life. Yes we break up . more than one time but in the end we come back to one another. He hates the industry I'm in now because its been so long and He knows I have so much to offer the world. (Although I think  as a sexworker I offer happiness and therapy if you will to many )But hes also my biggest, Non jealous, non controlling supporter. Hes learned he has to let me be me.


Whats been my worst experience?


In North Carolina , when I lived in Raleigh I had what I thought was a nice gentleman pick me up. We went to his place . We had dinner and We had too much wine ( WHICH IS WHY I DON'T DRINK WITH CLIENTS ANYMORE)

It was a longer date and he seemed ok at first. But now looking back on it in retrospect the evil way he talked about his mother and his ex wife calling them cunts and bitches I should have known he hated women.

We finally got to the intimate part of the encounter. There was NO GREEK and yet when I got in the doggie position he forced greek on me. I was saying no and he continued. While doing it he told me "I didn't sign you up for this job you did, your'e a slut, shut up and be a big girl" he finally got frustrated at me yelling and fighting and stopped. He had picked me up .. so now I get to ride with my assaulter back to my house.

I cried my ass off on the way home.. Not from hurt but from anger. I wanted to end  him and hide his car.. Seriously I would have ended this assholes life without hesitation if I hadn't of remembered I had to make it back home to my kids.

He let me out and said I think your'e a really nice girl . I don't know why you're so upset with me. I remember slamming the door and just going in my house. I didn't report it because I didn't want to accept mentally it had happened. I still wish all these years later that I had his info. BECAUSE ID REPORT THIS SOB NOW IN A HEARTBEAT.

I do not want to come off as mean, violent, but as a woman.. there is NEVER an acceptable time for a man to force himself on me. If that occurs I will handle it as I see fit. My advice do not try it!


What I like about being an escort?


Id have to say the ability to govern my life. To make my own money , on my own schedule, To not have to answer to anyone in regard to scheduling or days needed off to be mother. I have loved that independence. However the industry is changing alot now and not for the good. I am also getting older So I am retiring this summer. I will miss being my own boss however.

Ive also loved the moments when a man had lost his wife, or child, Had a bad day at work and he and I are able to talk about it, bond over experiences and I am able to make someone feel like they've made a lifelong friend even if we don't meet again. I like to enrich their lives not just be meat on a platter to them.


What I hate about being an Escort?


Id have to say its the stereotypical thinking caused by TV, Movies, Books, Media about what we as sexworkers are.

Men, Id like you to know if you think about it from a business standpoint ( by the way it is a business)..

We are the CEO, Marketing Firm, Trip advisor, Secretary, Face of the Product, Creative Designer, Accountant... of our own destiny.

Many of us like myself are also mothers, wives, we also run a family.


Please get the back alley.. scene from Cops .. out of your heads. We are actual business owners. We put time into making sure you have a safe informed experience , that's safe, and fun with us.

I hate the idea that I somehow need "saving" I do not. I am a responsible adult and I chose my path.

lately I must say I also hate that men don't want to pay our rates, I hate cheap hagglers again .. Again websites, photo shoots, beauty upkeep, incalls, technical devices we use all cost money. So don't cheat us.


What Id like to change?


I'd like to see other escorts become more helpful to each other.

I'd like to see us not assume that another girl is out to harm us .

I'd like us to not think mistrust every other provider they come into contact with.

Id like us to also NOT assume every man is bad. NOT ALL MEN ARE BAD.

And we need to stop protecting the anonymity of these guys who are treating us like crap and talking to us like crap.

Discretion is a right that is earned by showing respect and courtesy to whomever your'e dealing with. You cannot verbally or physically abuse me and expect me to not 'out" you. If I stole your money or verbally abused a client he would sure as hell out me.. its no different. Even as a provider I have rights and feelings also.

Overall Id like kinder, more courteous gents and Id like providers that are willing to work together for greater good of the whole sexworker community.

If we as providers cannot ban together and work together.. then how can we really expect to improve things?


The mark Ive left


Well I hope I have shown women in this industry that its ok to be strong.

It is ok to be a fighter and to have a voice.

Its ok to take a chance and leave the "male run side of the industry"

I hope Ive shown other providers the importance of helping other girls in this industry.

To know its ok to help someone without attacking them, without second guessing them.

Remember even if someone dupes you or takes advantage of you. God or whatever faith you may practice sees all knows all.

And that higher deity will handle the wrong they did to you in the end and BLESS YOU TWICE for what you did. I can truly attest to that. Its happened to me. I get my blessings back.

Be kind .. MEN AND WOMEN.. be kind.

I also hope that even though I am strong and opinionated that I have shown men how to smile and get past their darkest moments as well.

I really want to be a sexworker who was more than just a sexworker.

When I retire I will still run my blogs and my sites just because you never know. In addition I am building and working on an a website and advice site if you will. Think of it as Dear Abby for providers which I will run in my retirement to continue to be a voice of light to the other ladies who want my help. Also to add humor and sarcasm to your days in the future.

I will also continue web design and help for all others.


My retirement

**Update....  retirement is still the goal but a few set backs mean retirement is likely to fall more around early SPRING 2018 but it may still happen sooner ... I promise to keep you updated**

My retirement will happen this summer Between July 2016 and August 2017.


Sexual things I enjoy


I like to be in control. I am very dominant.

I love being eaten. I am a bisexual woman so yes yes yes.. more please.

I like it a little rough but within the boundaries I control. Slow sex bores me.




I fluctuate.

Lately I have gone natural. Men seem to be into it. I am unshaved as of the last year. I do not grow full bush there or underarms tho.,

I am naturally a little less hairy than most even in my natural state.

My makeup is always on and I bathe prior to each appointment. No baby wipe clean up here.


My favorite Moments in sessions


My favorite part of my sessions is the talking and getting to know you.

I enjoy the mental connection first. I truly cannot get into the sexual part without without talking and connecting first.

If youre seeking a bend me over and quickly get to it girl. Im not it.

I love the massage portion of all appointments because its how I calm my clients and get them to relax and lose their fears and inhibitions.

We usually talk during the massage then move on to other fun things.

I love the feeling at the end of a session when I know I made someones otherwise mundane life or bad day turn around for the better.

Even if me and a client end up not being a good sexual match. I have never had one client leave without commenting on how nice I am and how at ease I made them feel. And I am proud even of that.

Well That's who I am !



High class BBW

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