Advice on Safety from Momma Bear

First , If you are reading this… I do not write this to shame you, humiliate you, or to hurt feelings. Second I posted it here because I know you are one of my readers and I think you would not listen if I emailed or called to share these thoughts. You would have angrily just taken it as a personal attack. IT IS NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK.

I am genuinely concerned and disturbed by things I am seeing and I honestly am scared harm , real harm is going to be the end result if someone does not try to open your eyes..
So please read knowing this is not a joke, or shade or picking at anyone….

I am about to say somethings that are going to piss some of you off…
Be advised, I do not care , especially if the end result saves your life.

I am a no holes barred , realist. I don’t candy coat! I give facts. So for those of you who
are about to feel some time of way.. this is the real talk you need.

Some of you do not understand what real friendship, or simple real concern is.
You are on here liking, and agreeing with things to keep friendships when you know what you are
watching is a dangerous train wreck happening.

I am the type of friend, momma figure that is going to give facts, damn if you like it.

Here we go…..

Ladies some of you are touring, and taking risks in large cities spending time with homeless and street folk ( BE CLEAR I HELP LOTS OF HOMELESS PEOPLE WHEN I SEE THEM. I HAVE CRIED TEARS REGARDING SOME. MY HEART IS KIND. NOT A SNOB. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE MISTREAT THE POOR) However…. when on tour
you have to be careful.

Think of it this way. Sure they may be kind and just on hard times. But… if they are on hard times, living day to day, on the streets they have nothing to lose. If I was in that position hell I may be in search of a “lick” myself. Meaning desperation makes people do things they otherwise may not do.

I’d hate to see some of you end up on Investigation Discovery. It’s great to be kind and warm but not as the risk of self harm.

We already run the risk of harm, no matter how hard we screen .

So no matter how lonely you get don’t do that. Help them by buying them a meal, sitting and talking with them in a public place but do not put yourself at risk by inviting them to your room or going with them to their location.

It is not safe!!

I have been the provider before that met clients and was living in hotels w my kids years ago.
I have ended up in relationships w clients and me and my kids moved in, BUT YOU BETTER BELIEVE I knew all I could about the person and slept over a few weeks myself before I also had my kids come.
Even if you do not have kids, and you must stay with a person. NEVER EVER , EVER get comfortable enough to be asleep before they are. When I go to clients homes , esp those with roommates , if they say hey I am going to the kitchen I go with them. If they go to the bathroom I stand in the hall outside the bathroom.

Never leave yourself in a situation where roommates or even a SINGLE DUDE can sneak up on you while asleep and assault you . I have been assaulted so I am not saying that it is your fault . Even if you are naked and flirting when you say NO it is NO. I am on your side 100 percent there.

Just know that you have to think,..
NEVER TRUST ANYONE . .no matter how cool how nice.
do NOT go to sleep even on an overnight, even if he screened perfectly before he does.

Also never think that agreeing is the best way to fend off violence. Sometimes violence is the best way to fend off violence. I have myself been assaulted , I have a previous blog entry about it and I maintained my NO!! all the way through it ! . I have fought men in my personal life as well.

If in a bedroom there is lamp, something. hit that asshole over the head and run like hell.
Never think you don’t have options and LADIES stop being scared to call the POLICE . I hate the police but remember you are committing a misdemeanor , He is committing a felony! CALL THE POLICE!

You have to remember that sex worker or not you are a person !

And if you are a real friend to ladies you see making these mistakes.. SPEAK ON IT ! Do not give the tweet or pic a like , while you know your friend can end up dead, raped etc. SPEAK TO THEM ON IT !!

I apologize if anyone is insulted but I had to go here tonite. I have watched this unfold all week. I have watched no one care enough to say anything …

If you are angry at me after reading this….. DON’T BE! I am being more of a real friend right now than some of those you trust.

Much love !

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