Athens, Ga and More … I am granting your wish.

VIP escort Atlanta


Preparations for Pleasure

I am about to embark on my first tour in years, as I have mentioned it will be my final lap around the pleasure pool so to speak

I have decided to do a little mini , barely right down the street visit to Athens GA, since so many of you frequent
my website and I can tell there is a real interest there.

I want to share some info about me I think is important for all the cities I will be visiting.

I am lots of fun, I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and I am a very honest, open, person.
What you see with me is going to be what you get, and I don’t mean that in just the physical sense.
I am unapologetically me. I dont pretend to be someone else just for the sake of escorting.

I prefer men with a somewhat down to earth, friendly demeanor who are able to view me and respect me as a person
regardless of my profession. I have no interest in spending time with a man who thinks I am just a toy and not
human because I am an escort. That is not the gentleman I see myself fitting well with.

Ask yourself these things before deciding to book time with me…

1. Do I respect women, all women?
2. Do I enjoy taking a lady to dinner, or a show and really enjoying her company?
3. Do I miss having a real, mature, “lady” with class and grace to actually have a conversation with?
4. Am I someone who wants to really connect during my time with a lady and not rush, someone who wants to
enjoy mature passion and pleasure, not someone who just wants a woman to drop to her knees or bend over?
5. Am I up for the challenge of spending time with a strong, personality, a woman who is not submissive and who
speaks and follows her own mind?
6. Am I willing to screen without complaining to ensure that the lady I hire to spend time with can feel safe and have fun?
7. AM I a man who understands quality and generosity. Am I a man who sees contributing to a lady as a pleasure, an honor
and not a negative?

If you answered yes, to all of those… then let’s meet.

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