Attracting More High End , Mature Business Clients

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Let me begin with, we are all different, what works for one, may not work for you. You may not be comfortable being “fancy” or attending  star places and functions. You may be more comfortable hiking, going to sporting events, so be comfortable. However this blog entry mainly is for all the ladies who reach out to me week upon week, hoping to gain more upscale, high end clients.

Now in the title I refer to this type of client as a suitor. This is because he is interested in you as a PERSON, as a woman , not just as an object he can bend over for an hour. Many of us who have certain personality types, or who are for instance sapiosexual ( turned on sexually by intelligence) prefer these more discerning upscale gents instead of the usual only looking strictly for sex escort encounter.

These are the men who will pay your bills, rent, take you on vacations, send you money “just because” , the men who really invest in their companion and her interests.

So you ask, How do I get those kind of guys Storm?

I will say this, I find these men are turned on more by your intelligence and your interests, while they love to see you in lingerie ( what man doesn’t) these men also love the more alluring (leave it to the imagination ) photos of you in evening gowns, a business suit , a sexy dress, or an artistically shot photo shoot. I myself have a shoot coming up I will have about 3 sets of lingerie but all the rest will be attire I will wear to music events, 5 star restaurants etc. These men want to know that you can be classy, sexy, alluring and hold a mature intellectual conversation as well when you are out with them.

So yes ladies , get some upscale, classy outfits, there are online boutiques that have nice things without breaking your bank. Let him imagine slowly undressing the layers, the anticipation will lure him..

As far as your lingerie, make sure if going for the upscale gents that its well detailed, elegant, feminine, or even edgy lingerie but make sure it looks like you take pride in how you look. I love coordinated  looks w jewelry , shoes and makeup going for a theme.  I think it really really helps your site pop.

Photos themselves, HD is the way to go, again I know budget can be a thing, so do what you can , they do sell HD pro grade webcams and you’d be surprised what you , yourself can do till you can afford the photog of your dreams, if you really try. Set you camera on a timer, so you can watch yourself pose, and catch yourself at just the right angles. Take your time you can get some good shots if you have a GREAT camera.

Try to be sure there’s no clutter  , food, soda cans etc in your photos, keep it clean and if you miss something, please crop or photoshop it out of the scene.

WORDING of your ads and your websites….

This is equally as important to men of this caliber as your images are.

If you yourself cannot write good content, I do content/ad copy for a fee and so do other ladies. Feel free to study us all, read up on us all, see what others say about us all and hire who you feel is the best fit for you.

In your ad and site content, please leave out slang, and no overflow of emojis MATURE GROWN MEN, BUSINESS MEN DO NOT WANT TO SORT OUT 20 EMOJIS, It looks very juvenile and you are trying to get men who spend their time in boardrooms and on golf courses.

Your text on ads and sites should show you to be intelligent, classy mature and able to involve yourself in an array of topics about intimacy, music, fine dining, places of travel etc. Showcase your education, what are your goals, along with  turning him on and alluring him with sexual fantasies, let him know you are woman of substance who knows how to be a lady in the streets and a FREAK in the sheets. This is how you will get the “suitors” vs the “clients”.

Also, take the time to fill your mind with information. Read up on different topics, read a few articles, books on psychology, real estate, business, etc. Use Pinterest and YouTube to learn and visualize different foods, cultures and places. Learn another language in your spare time and if you have the money and the extra time take a class or two. Also as my granny taught me when I was younger, read ladies etiquette books, learning to talk, eat and act with grace has it perks. Lastly be well informed on the world around you and current events. Doing all these things can make you the perfect date for the discerning gent.

These are just a few little pointers to start you on your way…

Need more advice please don’t hesitate to contact me



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