To all my “brown” sisters… Some real and proud talk

Dear Black Escorts… My Fellow Sisters
I sit and I look at how so many of us see ourselves and even worse how society sees us. This is if you are a black woman period, this is not just in regard to sex work.
Since the slave ships found black culture, black woman have been on the bad end of abuse, feeling like property and used and abused to amuse others. Now if this was back during slave times and not 2018 we could blame it all on slavery, racism but the sad reality is that is does not matter what race the person dealing w a black woman is. Our own black men disrespect so many of us. So ladies I know sometimes it gets hard to feel self worth, and self love but you must remember no matter what anyone else tells you.. WE ARE QUEENS every brown Goddess on this earth is a Queen. Never allow anyone to make you feel anything less.
We as black women have to break through the bs of being taught to be submissive to anyone, to any man. If you are naturally submissive, I cannot tell you to not be yourself. But, if you are submissive and it irritates or frustrates you to be submissive then stop being it! You have the right to be strong, you have the right to an opinion, you have the right to be part of the  revolution, you have a right to be feminist.. IN OTHER WORDS YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AND POWER TO BE ALL THAT YOU DESIRE TO BE!!
I am almost 48 years old, and I look at myself every morning like I am the shit. I am a strong black Queen I have raised 5 kids, and only 3 yrs of that with Govt help. I am educated, I run two businesses, my partner helps me, but my shit is my shit. There  is no one on this Earth controlling me, or pulling my strings. I own being a sex worker, I have more self love and self respect than lots of women I know who go to their 9-5 job. I have more self respect and self love than a lot of people in general. I will share my secret. I learned to give zero fucks. I learned to live for me  and my own joy!
It is important that black girls and black women learn to be unapologetic in who and what they are. Do not force yourself to conform, even in sex work to be what society of any other race or even your own race says you should be. Be proud, be almost  militant in your courage and fight if you need to be and empower yourself and your other women of color sex workers you meet online or in person. Remember there is strength and power in numbers. 
So each day remember these things.
1. It is ok to be powerful and strong as woman.
2. It is ok to love yourself , extra weight, skin color, blemishes, afro, dreads, natural , bald whatever       you are.  LOVE IT AND OWN IT!
3. It is your right to tell any man , of any color NO! 
4. In sexwork do not let these other fools tell you that black girls should accept less money, NO we should not!
DEMAND AND GET WHAT YOU WANT AND WHAT YOU NEED, if you need to lower your rate to survive I get       that, BUT never do it based on your color. YOU are as special if not more than your Ivory counterparts.
Basically what I am saying is, if you have any doubts that you deserve the moon , the stars and to be treated and valued as the Queens you are.. STOP!! You deserve to be revered and worshipped , demand it!
Love to you all

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