Dear Men of Georgia /Atlanta who use Cheepo’s list Etc…

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Update 7/3/2018
if you are one of the MANY men, finding my website
by looking for cheepo’s list etc, STOP just trolling, being nosey
and actually take the time to book me if visiting my site..
Thanks sorry not sorry 🙂

So I keep getting lots of website hits from you gents, finding this article on Atlanta Cheepos List, Escort Web Crawler list.
Men, I do not know if you are purposely typing in the words Cheepos List or if something else is bringing you to it.

I want you to stop and think for a second..

Weren’t you taught, you get what you pay for?
Do you want a sub par experience where you were cheap so the girl treats you like you were cheap?

I am going to be brutally honest. When I have run specials in the past.. I didn’t treat those men
with the same wonderful service offered to my clients who pay me my full rate. Why would I?
Same reason high end jeans are of a different quality than Wrangler jeans from Walmart.
Do you get it?

I nor no other girl, unless she doesn’t know better, or doesn’t know her worth is going to treat you at 100.00
the same way she treats the gent that gifts her with 300, 500 or more. And the guys who bring extra gifts(this
is not a requirement) BOY now those guys really get moved to the top of the list.

We are still ladies, women, and we still want to be treated as such. Just because you are paying us
doesn’t change that. I am upscale, intelligent, classy, mature and refined.

And all the comments written about me on CHEEPOS list are written by a caliber of men, who I would NOT see,
do not want to see.

IF your interest is peaked and you’d like to spend time with me,
Please read my website, ( see menu bar ) and get to know me and follow
the directions for booking time with me.

I do travel and I am touring beginning May.

Seductive Storm

Atlanta Ga Clients
4/30/2018- 5/14/2018
Client Appreciation Deals
100 is absolute lowest rate it is the minimum.
Other rates Non gfe 1 HOUR and 15 MIN  ( 200)
Kings Treatment HOUR (250)
2 hour kings treatment (350)
6 hour overnight 11PM TILL 5 am (700)
These rates are specific to the dates shown and are
only for the sessions mentioned.




Gentlemen of Atlanta,……smdh..
I actually prefer to do , intelligent, non drama blog entries but I googled my number and I found some really entertaining crap as usual on Cheepo’s list

So I think its time I set you down and give you some real facts.
This is specific to the gents of Atlanta , everyone else, this blog entry isn’t for you , lol be grateful.

Men of ATL ….
You all truly hate to see someone move on and up. I’ve seen it before on boards about my bestie who left the industry. You guys actually were angry she improved her life and moved on. Not that sex work is a bad thing, I don’t think it is but for her it was becoming a bad thing. You all still to this day contact me trying to find her, bother her… there’s no respect that we are human just like you..

But back to me, so when I googled I found some of the most DUMB comments ever , as usual on Cheepos list.
Lets be clear…
Cheepos list is a webcrawler. I do not authorize my ads to be there, and I certainly do NOT post there.
I post only occasionally anymore on Backpage and then that info ends up on this bs site.
Have I struggled in the past with rent. YES Im betting some of you guys have as well. I do not hide my imperfections.
But what really upsets the immature few of you ATL men is that OTHER men must like me. After all I have been a companion, with no welfare, food stamps or govt aide for over 15 years. YEAH , while you talk shit.. let that sink in …

So while you are angry to have your vanilla 9 to 5 and have to take orders from someone and feel like a slave or whatever YOUR situation is, don’t blame me for being human, for having shortcomings but ultimately being able to ALWAYS come out on top and rise from the ashes.

You all want to see me fail so badly. BUT I won’t. I always warned you all that I was smart, I was educated, I had many , many talents. You all thought it was all just bravado , fakery and , fuckery to make my ads and website look good. NOPE … anything I say about myself is FACT! I am as genuine as it gets.

I own and run TWO , web design companies and am partner in a third. I also do social media management, I am a professional booking and screening , safety assistant for other escorts…. MAKE NO MISTAKE , I can pick and choose who I want to see, EVEN WHEN I HAVE AN EMERGENCY.. as Kendrick Lamar says “I got options”.

Let me move to some of the idiot comments I read.

First , stop trying to tell us escorts how to run our businesses men, unless you yourself are a male escort … we do NOT want your bs tips.

On Hygiene, I am not a baby wipe girl , I am a soap and hot water girl between each session and then for extra measure I even rub deodorant under my breasts, and on the genital area and under my arms. I require notice to ensure I am clean and looking pretty for each date. .SO don’t try that one, I am old school not some young lady who doesnt know about cleanliness. ON that note some of you need to remember to wash your genitals before seeing ladies.. esp the uncut gents…

On rotation… I read in comments from one person that If I saw 20 people per week Id always have rent.
GET this.. .I will NEVER in HELL see 20 people per week. and Lord what a girl charging who needs to see 20 men per week just to cover rent. Not each lady you see on Backpage is a gullible push over that you can take advantage of. That’s your real beef with me… even at my lowest, my worst I DEMAND AND COMMAND RESPECT and don’t bow down and put up with hobbiest BS and that’s the wound that cuts you the deepest.

I am low volume, again I have businesses that take up alot of my time, I have a family.. so I see about 7 men total per month and some months I see NO one at all.

Lastly … I saw someone say, to not write paragraphs for ads, that you all don’t want to read them…
I don’t want to see men who do not want to take the time to read , learn and get to know me.
I am not just a piece of meat, again I am a person. It is important that you read up on me to see if we are a good fit.
If you are too lazy or unintelligent to do so.. WELL THEN YOU AREN’T FOR ME.
I will not , for my legal protection ever list what I do or don’t do , read my site and figure it out. I don’t cater to the lazy or the stupid men , clients.. not my lane.

So you see , I am only interested in intelligent, upscale, generous suitors who are capable of respect.

Therefore if you are on Cheepo’s list or any of the web crawler sites.. and you actually engage in and believe any of what you read there.. we probably are NOT a match.

I am the real deal, I am only for mature, discerning, upscale gents.

Thanks for your time,

HIgh class bbw escort

Elite Ebony Escort

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