Deposits : Why you need to pay them!

I decided to write this blog to the guys. I think there has been so much discussion lately about deposits, that maybe getting some perspective from a provider may help you guys to understand.

FIRST in 98.7 percent of cases ( I needed to put it in numbers to make you grasp it) we are NOT out to steal your money!
Our reputations are everything to us. I am meticulous in saving all emails ( safely of course and protected of course) from those who I take deposits from or from any gentlemen who send gift cards and payment for long distance interactions. I do NOT save the info to harm you with it, Unless you do something harmful to me . BUT I do keep
it as proof just incase someone tries to say they were scammed or robbed.

This way should I need to prove to the public what really happened, what was really said.. I CAN.

I explain that to show you that I and I am sure others are not out to scam you. If I wanted to scam or steal I would NOT keep records.

SO men lets get rid of the notion that .. “ANY GIRL WHO ASKS YOU FOR A DEPOSIT IS STEALING FROM YOU” , that thought process is just not correct.

NOW, I need you to understand WHY you pay deposits:

1. Too many of you are window shoppers, time wasters getting off on the rush of contact with us, emotional labor from us etc without any intent in truly meeting us.
2. Too many of you book , prebook sessions even screen and then cancel or flake on short notice.
3. Too many of you do not take it seriously, that what we do is a job. When you flake, waste time etc it feels to us like how you would feel if your boss decided to not pay you for a shift or fired you with no pay no notice. It affects our families, our homes.
4. You also pay deposits because of the time we lose if we took the time to screen you, hold a time slot for you, that is time we could have given to someone else.

Please understand ……..

It costs money to keep hair done, to keep a wardrobe that suits all occasions , to have sexy lingerie, to keep our skin pretty, our skin and bodies smelling good, to travel to tour, to pay for incalls, to advertise, to pay for web designers and photographers. IT COSTS US MONEY to provide a service to you on the level which most of you men expect.

So instead of complaining about paying deposits and prebooking … be mature and respectful and follow our policies.

You guys have to get past thinking that sex work is not work. It is work , it is how we provide. It is no different than your office or factory job.

One quick note on something else I see crazy on sites gentlemen’s forums:
Complaints about paying above 60 dollars or 100 dollars , as if you are giving us some huge prize.
Guys if you do not want to pay more than 60-100 by all means DO YOU. …Lol but stop complaining and whining like little girls over the ladies you cannot afford.
We ladies set our rates to match the amount of people we wish to see per month, our financial situations and our personal needs.
It is not our job to all be at a rate you, the complainer can afford.
My priority is making sure my rates cover my life, my families lives.
Please only contact me if you can abide by my rate structure.

Thanks for reading!


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