Gentlemen, this is for you…. I hope you learn from it

So I didn’t explain exactly in the title what this blog posting was actually going to be about because I want you to pay attention and read it. This gentlemen, is for you to learn from.

I get it we are all attracted to different things, different people. So in knowing what you are attracted to, what and who you  are attracted to, then do not contact someone who you know you will have no chemistry with only because they are cheaper, and do not contact someone you are not attracted to only to try to force them to lower their rates and their standards because of your own thinking.

You are probably still wondering what is she talking about exactly?

I am talking about those of you , who say ” I am not normally attracted to big girls”, “Sorry BBW is not my type”

It is not my job or the job of any other full figured woman, or any  woman for that matter to convince you to be attracted to us. We build our websites, place our ads and then throw ourselves into the pool. Do we care about the market , our presentation, of course but none of us have the time or energy to hand hold and force you  to anything.

So if you are not interested in larger or curvy ladies, so be it.

These are things you CANNOT DO, and if you will you will most likely be ignored.

Don’t say, write, or text , email etc any of the following to us….

  1. I am not really attracted or into big girls but I’ll pay for some head, how much?
  2. Why are your rates so high, I can go see a girl who looks like a model for your rate ( first I do look like a full figured model , how about that? Models come in all sizes , idiots)
  3. I mean come on your fat so here’s what I’ll do, I’ll see you for xyz rate.
  4. Hey girl, you’d make more money if you stopped eating and hit the gym sometime…
  5. Hey I’ve never been with a big girl before, what’s it like?

DO you all say these things to the other ladies? And even if you do , do you do it as often?

First our worth is NOT determined by our size, and there are other sex workers who are just as guilty of making other ladies think it is… shame on you, me and my full figured “sisters” are just as valuable, sexy and beautiful as you , everyone needs to remember that.

Secondly my rates are high because of my level of experience, my expertise and my intelligence  and my looks. ( I advertise as full figured, DUH, SO GUESS WHAT… I’m full figured, lol)  I am here for men who love all body types, for men who specifically love BBW. That’s my niche. Hello my SEO /branding is VIP BBW ESCORT,  so the men who are into that will pay TOP DOLLAR for what they are attracted to and those are the men  I am looking to attract and cater to.

My advertising is true and correct for who and what I am.   Again “stay in your lane”  , you confuse what you are attracted to with “assumed worth” and the two things are just simply not the same. You cannot understand high BBW rates or BBW companions at all if you are just not into them. There is nothing wrong with our sites, our advertising, our rate level, its you, and your thought process.


So next time you are browsing, if you know you are not into a particular type of lady , or are so close minded you cannot try something new that you might actually enjoy then leave us full figured ladies alone, we again are here for those that have a REAL interest in us , who are ready to experience us and who love our bodies and our personalities.




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