Gentlemen, please don’t become these types of clients..


I have been trying to not bitch or gripe, but Lord there are some types of clients that really really push my buttons.

Please do not do any of these antics, we are adults after all and I promise you, I can respect honesty over bullshit any day.

  • Do not become the guy who starts out as a good reg, who then as soon as we’ve established a comfort zone ,becomes the bullshitter, slash time waster. Don’t let that be  you. I assure you even if we’ve had wonderful times together , once you begin disrespecting my life, my schedule, my finances….you too can and will be blacklisted.
  • Do not be the client who from initial communication wants to brag about his reviewer status, his career as a hobbyist. Most ladies including me have no interest at all in becoming the proverbial “notch on your bedpost”. Keep it classy. I may want your hobby info for screening purposes but that is all. I have no desire to listen to you brag about your escapades. A real gent doesn’t kiss and tell.
  • Do not be the guy who thinks his personal life, his work life, his life in general is more important and significant than my life, my livelihood, my family , my well being, in other words do NOT feed me a crock of poo about why you don’t want to screen. My opening page of my site once inside informs you with a flashing GIF that screening is mandatory!!
  • Please be polite, name callers, bullies, harassers of sex workers will not be tolerated on my watch. I am the one escort, the one lady I can promise you that you do NOT want to walk that walk with. I have no chill, I won’t be scared and I won’t take your disrespect or bs. So to keep it fun and cute and classy for all, do NOT go the route of being an asshole with me.

It’s quite simple really, BE A GENTLEMAN , have some manners, have some respect, me being a sex worker does NOT give you the right to be disrespectful and it will NOT be tolerated in anyway or form with me.

Please remember that, I look forward to meeting those of you that remember that I am a lady, I am no different than the women in the civie world that you show respect to. Thanks for understanding 🙂

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