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As many of you know there are so, so many things going on in Atlanta, not many good in the industry.
While it is NOT new to me, many companions and clients are just learning of all the things that L.E does to bother those of us acting as consenting adults.

They ( L.E) have been on the review boards, have been seeing ladies to get references, have been( well here in Atlanta anyway) using reputable ladies pics, with diff phone numbers and names than what goes with the pic being used , to bust guys and to bust ladies. It is NOT uncommon in Atlanta to have stings and reverse stings going on at the same time.
So let me break down for those of you , both male and female, who are still in denial about the seriousness of this, how it actually occurs.

Lets begin with your fake sense of security with review boards.
PLEASE know as I know first hand from getting arrested by a cop who played both sides of the fence well, and this was way back in 2011 ( off BP) AND busted in 2004 off that what I am about to share is very real and very serious. It is not paranoia, I couldn’t, wouldn’t have been an escort as long as I have been if I were paranoid or scared. The cops DO sit as members of review boards, forums, etc. The cops DO make appointments and see ladies. The cops DO even go so far as to pay for a lady’s room etc. They blend in quite well. The one who arrested me in 2011 had reviews on TER like 15-20.He was a frequent client of a well known agency even. To this day he still sees ladies, and he is responsible for the busts that several of us suffered through.

The cops DO post ads, websites, phone numbers to have what looks like solid references, they see other girls also to build these references. Some ladies unfortunately work with the cops BUT MOST do NOT know they are being baited and used and references to arrest others. This is why I tell people to NOT trust provider references UNLESS they meet the provider guidelines that I myself use that you can see on my booking page of this site. Simply go to my personal booking page and scroll to where it states my rules for provider references to see my requirements.

Look , I get it screening in a more rigid fashion will slow down your phone, your emails and maybe you wont get , money as fast. BUT , its way better than getting caught up in a sting. I have suffered through probation, fines and all the other ugliness that comes with being busted and in my case two convictions on record. I let my screening guard down on both occasions as well as other things I knew better than, all to make money faster. I strongly believe slow and steady wins the race after those experiences.

Cops right now in Georgia are using fake ID’S , fake itineraries, and using fake created references to make busts and last weekend from what I understood they were quite successful.

Screening should be standard and expected among all providers, if it were more gents would do it without bitching and griping about it. Screening should be “deep” and include WAY more than just ID’S and references. Real name info should be collected so you know exactly who and what you are meeting. It also is a good thing to have should you get raped, or worse, end up dead or missing someone , your safety person can help GOOD L.E ( yes a small few to exist) find who did a horrendous act to you. Money doesn’t matter if you end up harmed or missing trying to get it. Slow down and be thorough and get info you need to keep your freedom, your safety , and your life.

Sidenote on screening these 4 things are extremely helpful:

  1. safeoffice
  3. hiya/mr.number app
  4. Verifyhim

You need to be safe also!!
Stop! STOP! running full speed to the cheapest, easiest to see ladies.
STOP! running to ladies who don’t screen. ( The fact of the matter is , if she doesn’t care about her own safety she doesn’t care about yours)

Here’s the short list of how to decide if a girl is really vetted, and legit and safe to meet.

1. Has online presence that goes back about 6 months and if not make sure shes associated with and vouched for by a reputable provider with plenty of online presence.

2. I hate the review system BUT I do encourage you to see if she has reviews ,,, NOT TO WORRY ABOUT HER REVIEW CONTENT BECAUSE WELL, ITS JUST PORN, AND LIES AND VINDICTIVE MEN SPEWING HATE AND FILTH normally .. but just to see that she’s legit you can check for reviews. MORE THAN 4 I think is a good indication.

( extra input on option 2 , reviews , If she does not have reviews this does not mean shes not trustworthy , plenty of us do not have and do not want reviews, the review mention is only as an added option for checking her out. I do want to mention reviews and their content can be used to arrest the reviewer or the companion. It’s best to not participate in review culture.)

3.Make sure the pics look like they are NOT stock photos that they are really her, look for a lady with a good mix of professional pics and candid’s and selfies. ( this way you know shes prob not a cop posting a reverse sting.)

4.If she allows graphic sexually explicit talk and or gives you her location, exact location without question ( in other words makes it too easy .. avoid her) most of us will NOT do that.

5.If she allows discussion of the money and the actions avoid her ( most of us will NOT do that)

That’s just a short list of ways you as clients can remain safe from getting jammed up in reverse stings.

I hope this short, but important blog entry is helpful to those of you reading it!
Enjoy the weekend!


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