Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Reasons to Remember We’re all Human

These last two weeks of life on our planet have been horrifying and traumatic to say the least. Actually the past few months have been so traumatic for many in so many ways. From the racial tension and attacks in Charlottesville Virginia , to Trump trying to end DACA,so many people have been hurt, harmed, and face possible separation from their families and friends, and all that they have ever known.

By the way in relation to Charlottesville, Va it seems hate still prevails ( not that I am shocked) and this still continues (see link to video ) .In the video below you will see they are actually uncovering the Confederate Statues each time they are covered. It’s a sad time , an angry time but it seems Mother Nature is trying to remind us we are all human.

These last two weeks millions of people between the Caribbean Islands , The U.S Territory Islands and the USA Inland states of Texas and Florida have been devastated by flooding, winds and rains and loss of electrical power due to more super hurricanes than most can remember one behind the other.

Those in the Islands have suffered through Irma, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic , followed my Jose and Now Maria is pummeling a path of destruction in most of the US Territory Caribbean Isles. Most of us are so busy being selfish, full of hate, envy, jealousy that we forget the suffering, poverty and loss of life so many of these smaller places are enduring. ( As Americans we often forget the pain, poverty and suffering the rest of the world endures.) Most other countries hate the USA , not due to jealousy but due to our sheer lack of “character and humanity” and I cannot say that I disagree with that thinking. We have become a self centered vessel that has forgotten to be human , we have forgotten our humanity!

During Irma I saw countless tweets on people who were actually celebrating that Cuba was being ravaged and destroyed by Irma just so that those on the Florida US soil would be ok. Yes we are fortunate to live in a country like America that has the resources it has BUT people everywhere are people and human and their lives are just as important as yours or mine here in the good ole USA. Hell many of you cruelly forget that the people of some of the Caribbean Islands are on US soil, and totally overlook what they are going through.

Let’s not forget the area of Houston destroyed by Harvey, all the lives lost, the children who are now without schools, homes of many destroyed. Let’s not forget the news videos of the families who escaped to their roofs and who had to wait DAYS for rescue. The storms
pass and many then go back to their usual and lose total concern for the other people across the globe being affected by these horrors.

Mother Nature continues to remind us , we are human, all of us. Mexico has been hit by TWO major life taking Earthquakes in less than a month and YES to all you American Nationalists, Mexicans are humans. They deserve kindness, respect, and to live happy, safe lives full of opportunity just like you do! My heart and thoughts go out to all of them who also have lost the people the loved and cared about.

India also had a flood in the last two weeks that claimed about 1,500 lives , you see no matter your race, location beliefs, we are all people.
In times like these we need to come together and remember that.

I took the time last week without power for a couple of days to do some self reflecting . I was like many others in here behaving like a spoiled kid along with my family mad about lack of power. However once the power came back on and I was able to see the videos the photos and hear more of what was still about to happen or had already happened to so many others., the mothers who had lost their kids to the storms, the elderly who had died, the many left in shelters. It became clear to me that my 2 days without power was very insignificant. We had our lives, I had candles, we had food stored for eating without power, and we had each other. I and so many are blessed and fortunate. As I read and watch the news daily I am just reminded of how lucky I am even when I am struggling or having a rough patch. I am still so much more blessed and have plenty to be grateful for.

I encourage more of you out there to remember , it could be you one day that these tragedies happen to , no one is immune to these things. Life happens and its not always good.

Take time to think of what you can be thankful for each day!


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