Men , WOC deserve the same rate as anyone else!!

Over the weekend another provider shared an experience on Twitter where a gentleman sent a really rude, obnoxious text to her regarding what he would pay ” a black woman”. Her text was all to familiar to me and I am sure to plenty of other WOC(women of color) providers.

While I am so tired of all the anger, and hate the racial tension on SW’ITTER seems to have caused lately. We cannot ignore it or not speak on it. It may not be the best idea for branding to speak on it, but I have never been one to shy away from things that need to be addressed.

It’s amazing to me that men think ( and not just white men) that women of color, or BBW women or anyone out of their cookie cutter “thin, athletic, white, or foreign ” idea of beauty is NOT worthy of the same treatment and rates as any other sex worker. I have said and will say again and again, I will not be forced to lower my rates, my personal standard by some misogynistic group of men who think they get to decide my worth. The absolute only person who gets to decide my worth is ME.

To be honest my personal opinion of my worth is WAY higher than what I am kind and generous enough to charge you. Don’t get it twisted my loves. I am priceless, I am a queen, I am beautiful and I do not need you to validate that in any way.

I am amused by little “trolls” who sit hiding behind computers, and on review boards harassing, insulting BBW ladies , ladies of color and those tho they have set in their mind are “beneath” their classic ideas of beauty. I say to hell with your classic ideas of beauty!! Women can be and are beautiful regardless the shade of brown, the amount of melanin, the bra size, the hair length or texture and the pounds of flesh on the frame.

If a particular woman is not your type ( sorry your capacity for change is so small lol) then simply do not contact her. It makes no sense to contact someone and then try to tell them what you will pay or won’t pay. This is a business, do you walk into Macy’s or Walmart and boldly tell them what you will pay them? NO you do not, so do not come through a providers phone, email etc telling her that based on your ideas, shes only worth XYZ.

She’s worth what she decides she’s worth! It’s her body, it’s her life , it’s her time. If she’s not your cup of tea…. keep it moving!

Lastly, I think I speak for most of us, we do NOT care what Jane Doe charged you..
we do NOT care what you pay everyone one else who is black, thick etc… AGAIN MISS US WITH IT , WE DO NOT CARE..
what we care about is our INDIVIDUAL RATES, RULES AND NEEDS…

You do not get to base my rates on the next girl.. that is plain stupid! My rates are mine, her rate are hers. Her being black and accepting less doesn’t mean the rest of us are required to.

Her being white and thin doesn’t mean she deserves more than me. I deserve exactly what I have decided I deserve ( ACTUALLY I DESERVE MORE, SO DON’T COMPLAIN GUYS)

In closing stop contacting women of color and BBW women and thinking you can bully and insult them into taking less than other groups. Its disgusting, and real men do not treat or talk to women in that fashion.

BE GENTLEMEN!! Or get a new past time to participate in.



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