A moment for my haters and the naysayers! ( haha)

To all the haters , HA!

I’ve been pondering and gloating in my own mind about how many providers in Atlanta and MEN mainly in Atlanta used to talk shit about me or talk down to me because YES I am human and for a few years of relocating to Atlanta I had my share of ups and downs. I stayed true to who I am and I kept it  100 if I needed help, I publicly asked for it. No shame to my game. I have kids so whatever I had to do to make sure they were good, fuck my pride and image.. I did it.
Now here we are and for a little over a year now, I’ve been in a much better place in more ways than one. So now that you guys can’t take advantage of me at all. I do not have to negotiate rates and now that some of the Atlanta ladies can’t gossip,laugh or talk shit anymore about me… NOW ya’ll mad! HAHA , I always told you I’d have the last laugh.
I never lied when I needed something , I really needed it.  I never scammed anyone ever. OH and begging as I used to always explain required expecting something in return for nothing. NEVER was that me. My time had value and in most cases unless the man decided he wanted nothing in return, I paid my debt with my flesh and time.
So I say this wholeheartedly, I see who I want when I want , I do not have to put up with anyone’s nonsense anymore. And unless for some reason my life changes, retirement is set for me end of Jan 2019.
To the real gents and other companions out there, I hope to  meet you and share some fun before I move on.

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