No Reviews Means …NO Reviews

I am a NO REVIEW companion.


I am not sure why this simple thing is so difficult to understand.  I have been delisted for about 2 yrs from (TER FOR  a 3rd TIME and also banned and BY CHOICE AND GLADLY) I do not want any parts of the misogyny of review boards or private forums.

The boards were never set up to be fair to us, even good reviews in my opinion are an abuse of our privacy and our discretion. If a girl or male or trans person does not wish to be reviewed we should have a choice. Review boards, forums and the culture surrounding them are set up only to exploit, bully,  degrade and reduce people to being treated as if they are “items”.

It is utterly disgusting to have sexworker’s rated like we are not individuals, like we are not humans with feelings. The idea that  because we chose this profession that we somehow no longer have any say so, any right to privacy is insane.  If a sexworker says NO REVIEW’S that needs to be respected.

I allow you to email me your opinion of our time together, or you may use the  contact form to do so , but AGAIN FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK, I AM A NO REVIEW POLICY PROVIDER.

This does not mean that you get to go behind the scenes and be sneaky and review me on backchannel forums or your little secret boards that you think myself and other providers do not have access to, you’d be surprised what we still are able to hear of.

Another reason I prefer to not be on any boards  is , unless you have lived under a rock for the last year or two you must know that reviews are being used in Federal raids, arrests etc as evidence against clients and companions. It does not benefit you as a client or me to have info of our private time published. KEEP IT PRIVATE PLEASE.

Also review boards are more about retaliation, and vendettas than about your experiences. Reviews can be bought and sold so they don’t really offer you the factual information.

Want factual information??

Here’s an idea, stop being lazy and disrespectful and actually take the time to READ A GIRLS SITE , TOTALLY AND MAYBE THEN YOU’LL HAVE REAL INSIGHT ON WHAT TO EXPECT SINCE ITS STRAIGHT FROM HER! I thought I was in the business of pleasing adults not little boys in cliques who need the pat on the back from their buddies to meet someone. Its perplexing to  me.

Not to mention that now especially on TER it seems that the opinion of the men doesn’t even really get to be the real opinion anyway especially if they love a provider that for instance is BBW, or doesn’t do the “checklist” of the most raunchy unsafe practices you can think of. It didn’t used to be that way but from what I hear and see reported it sure is that way now. SO AGAIN I WANT NO PARTS OF ANY OF IT!

PLEASE , I do not know how to put this any clearer…..


If you need, or want to share your thoughts on your time with me.. SEND IT TO ME.

Do not post me anywhere NOT anywhere.. and have that same respect for EVERY lady who clearly on her site states no reviews allowed .. its simple just be respectful!

Thank you!



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