Please Lord save my Sanity! A special note to the men…

As I sit here tonite on Christmas Eve frustrated beyond belief, I have just a few things to really say to and ask the gentlemen of Atlanta.

I hear from other ladies that this is actually beginning to be an issue in many places but just some things that really,really irk me lately. I am sorry first that my Christmas Eve post even has to be on this tone, but I just am fed up and I need to vent.

When I began in this industry, and it was a long time ago, ( so screening really like we do now wasn’t a thing yet) but men on a whole were respectful, considerate and made this job so much fun and YES men I said job because it is a job. Sex work is work! Men would just respect your boundaries, your rules, they read the words of your website and no one complained about rates. If you could not afford a lady , you contacted someone else. Reviews on review boards were more honest and not just about retaliation and ignorant banter from men acting like high school jocks. There was a level of class to it that seems to be missing now.

While I do NOT knock how another companion chooses to run her business, it’s her body, her rules, I will agree and state that some of what ladies have allowed men to do lately in the industry has made it extremely troublesome and annoying for those of us who really want the men to be at a certain standard. I myself have run the occasional , EMERGENCY special and I do not put anyone down for that. If you are about to be evicted, hungry , etc you gotta do what you gotta do once in a while. NO snobbery from me. HOWEVER, it becomes an issue once the ads sites, become FILLED with ladies offering 20, ( yes I have seen 20 dollar rates here), 40 , 50 , 60 daily , 24/7 and offering bare play , creampies and the like and NOT SCREENING, all these things make it difficult for those of us with higher standards.

I had an asshole text me the other night to tell me that I charge more than anyone in my area and that there was a tiny white blonde girl way cheaper than me and that my rates were ridiculous because I am older and heavy. MEN let me tell you all this just as I told him. I am beautiful as fuck, and my maturity, class and intellect make me a much better companion than what you are getting from the other 2-3 ladies in my area he was referring to. If you choose to go see them by all means GO SEE THEM. but stay out of my text messages or my inbox with foolery because I have no time for it!

When I tell you upon contacting me to go to my website. STOP telling me “I don’t go to websites” … well sir, How did you find me? Did a unicorn fly past your house and give you my contact info? Of course not you found me on a website.

Me and other ladies take the time, to invest in and maintain websites and it costs most ladies a good penny. From the photos, the clothing, the web designer all of those elements. STOP assuming we are all scammers, or that its all paid camming sites, or hookup sites trying to take your card. ALTHOUGH even when you go to cam site she is earning her living , shes not on cam for free, so either pay the fee to watch the cam girl or be quiet. But as an escort our sites are set up to protect us legally on a few levels, it keeps us from having to talk to you about things that could be recorded and used against us. It also has in most cases our required donations for set amounts of time, so that we don’t have to discuss money. It also has our pics so we don’t have to send pics out all day. Usually there is a disclaimer for our protection and more importantly OUR SCREENING SYSTEM, for our safety.

Therefore, If I say go to my site and you argue about visiting the site or screening. CONVERSATION is ending right then. I have to protect myself, my home. and make sure I survive to raise my family. Your time issues, your concerns whatever they may be, are NOT more important than mine or my life.

So a short recap (please follow along)


2. Be respectful of my need for safety to be comfortable ( WHEN I ASK YOU TO GO SCREEN FIRST, JUST PLEASE GO DO IT)

3. My rates are my rates. They are not Jane Doe’s rates. My body is mine, my time is mine, my financial situation is MINE. RESPECT IT.

4. Again, treat me like a lady, treat me with some respect, follow my rules, my parameters and expectations for meeting. Its really simple.

I have wasted so much time this whole last 4 weeks on men who just will not be respectful and follow rules and I am mentally exhausted and tired from it. I simply am trying to make a living same as anyone else. This year is my retirement year. I will soon begin traveling outside of Atlanta. I want and need this year to be a success and It cannot be if I am always stressed out due to people just be childish and not being the mature gentlemen they should be.

Thank you for your time


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