A Realistic Opinion on Review Boards From a 17 yr Vett!

I composed a thread on Twitter this morning about review culture, however it ended up being a bit difficult to read so I decided I’d comment more here.

FIRST girls, review culture itself began solely from a man having a bad experience with a companion and wanting his “revenge”. Review culture even when it praises us
was never ever set up to be our friend or on our side. It is set up to exploit us like cattle, give men some control in our industry and our bodies. A review system where Its only would recommend would not recommend would be doable and ok, BUT that is not how they are. Its all about insane ratings and contradictions.

But the real point of this post is to empower and to let you know why you DO NOT really need review culture.

So many of you have allowed review culture to make you its slave. To be concerned with what is said to a point of stress, fear and worry that you should not be forced to operate under. I remember my days of review culture, having to worry throughout a whole session about what some jerk was going to go home and write even if you had done everything but donate your blood to make him happy. So many of these guys get a kick out of “dragging” ladies reputations or throwing “side jab” comments. Its sickening to me that so many of you are perfectly ok with being treated like cattle or museum pieces. Ladies even as a sex worker you are human. It simply is insane to try to rate all sex worker’s on some insane rating scale, that has turned into more of a porn show than useful info.

In the early 2000’s when I began escorting. Men had to join sites to read complete reviews and to submit them BUT our rating numbers and non explicit details were publicly visible without a membership, so YES during that time period REVIEWS mattered more because people , anyone could atleast see those comments and numbers. However in the last 5-6 yrs the review sites turned into a porn show and they then also out of greed, locked all the info that was once available to the masses. Now men have to pay for VIP memberships on most of the TOP review sites to be able to see your “numbers” so now most of them who weren’t already hobbyist no longer even go to the review boards.

They may check the seedy , god forsaken back channel boards and crap like USASEXGUIDE( please dont even bother its the worst of the worst) but most men that I deal with atleast 70 percent are not willing to give their cc etc to join and get VIP membership to the bigger boards for info they used to be able to see for free. I’d like to add that when I did belong to TER I got Id say about 3-5 clients from there or atleast only that many that told me prior to booking they were members there. I saw several from over the years from Bigdoggie.Net I found them to be a little more to my liking. However, on a whole again we are human, we are sex worker’s but we are human. A simple would recommend, would not recommend is all that should be needed.

How do so many women continue to be ok with and contribute to , these review boards, the meet and greets the escort memberships to them, the weekly advertising on these sites that clearly have not one and I mean NOT one ounce of respect for any provider there, I just don’t understand it.

The internet is a great place, a wide open place, with all the social media and other forms of marketing available to us now , WHY are we still stuck in the review board system?
You want to be seen, get up in SEO rankings, be more accessible to clients, then Blog, be active on Twitter, Be active on Instagram, advertise on Escort ad sites, network, make sure you have a professional on point website , and give clients the ability to send testimonials to you that you can then add to your own website for clients to see. A testimonial page on your site where men can send in comments on their time with you is a great idea.

The point is, you can take back control of your business. You can still be found, you can still get customers, It just will take more work.
But wow it will be worth it you can let go of the stress of conforming to a bunch of men when its your body, your business, your worth on the line.
Its a lot more fun, and less stressful when you no longer have to worry about your “rating numbers” and you get to just connect as a human being with a man and you both get to relax , get to know each other and enjoy it.

Have a good day!

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