Self Love and Strength, Storm Style

This Holiday Season ( 2017)

I am used to my share of “hate” from both males and females in the Atlanta area so no real surprise. However, I am now almost seemingly being targeted, (Not that I will change who I am, I love me and that for me is all that matters) but it seems I am being targeted the more I read between the lines of the words in the emails etc I get for standing up NOT just for myself but for other sex workers. It seems the “good ole boys” club doesn’t like ladies having a brain, an opinion or self respect. In their eyes “How dare sex workers, hookers, escorts, strippers etc have self respect” This is based on the ignorant assumption from the medieval ages that a woman and her sexuality have to be sheltered, that if she is not a certain type of lady , she is “dirty”, “worthless”.

Wake up men we are now in 2018 damn near… Didn’t you notice? The tide is turning! Women are taking control of all areas of their lives , their bodies included!
It is not like its a new thing, Feminism has been around for many years. The internet and social media have simply forced you all to realize we are tired of the bs.
Misogyny is becoming something that is viewed in disgust , as it should be.

So if you want to dislike me MEN ( really little boys,as real men are respectful) then feel free to. I am not a good fit for a man who cannot recognize or show respect to the worth of ALL women regardless of their size, color, beliefs, amount of kids, lifestyle or occupation. If your mind is that small then you do not belong in the same room as me. I choose to only be around intelligent, forward thinking people. Enlightened, open minded people.

In my thinking , this is my body! I cannot think of a better way of reminding myself that I love myself, that I am a jewel, than getting paid to share myself with others. If I were just out here sleeping with 10-20 guys a year and not getting paid most of you men would have no issue with it. (Some of you would, but not to the extent that you do towards paid companions) So being a slut for free, cool ( simply because your male ego stays intact that way) BUT OMG you having to pay for my company, pay for me owning and enjoying my sexuality ( in some way I think many of you hate women because , the power of the pussy is amazing and we can get paid for it) you feel like it gives women control and you LITTLE BOYS, with insecurity issues are scared as hell of that. Which leads you to showing up in my inbox and other ladies inboxes throwing ” 2 yr old temper tantrums”

Here is what I need you to come to terms with
I won’t change my rate because you are angry.
I won’t stop loving myself or feeling beautiful and worthy because you are angry.
I won’t lower my standards to suit your wallet or thoughts because you are angry.

You are deflecting your own self hate ( masked as arrogance) towards me and I refuse to receive it….lol

It won’t work on me. Some of you have been hating on me since 2001, its 2017 and I am still here. Deal with it, or Don’t , but just know you cannot make me run away with my head down.

I am a Queen always, and forever, I know what I have been, and been through. I know that I am worthy of the moon and the stars. I know that my family and friends love me. I know that my life is full of genuine real people and that those are the opinions that matter to me!!! NOT you people who I may have met, and/or may not ever meet.
So just remember your hate only fuels me, makes me stronger and makes me go harder. I am a warrior to my soul, a hustler, and I do not back down from anyone.


AS for the ladies with issues with me based on any business practice I have that you may not agree with.
I have been in business for YEARS, I am old enough to be some of yall mothers. I am disciplined and know what I do and why.
You do not have to like it, or agree with it. But know this, IF I OFFER ADVICE , I HAVE LIVED IT, DEALT WITH IT, OR BEEN COMFORT TO ANOTHER SEX WORKER WHO HAS. Therefore you can either listen and try to learn from someone who’s traveled long on the road you’re only beginning on OR you can not listen and either way is PERFECTLY FINE BY ME. However, what I will not do is be disrespected, or spoken to in a condescending fashion, or judged by any of you! That is where I draw serious lines. I do not character smear or attack other companions and I encourage you to never ever try to do it to me. I am kind, but again.. I am a fighter I don’t back down … NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

Ladies there is enough business, enough men out in the world for us all to eat at the table and get paid.
Stop being “catty” and deceitful to get ahead. Karma is a bitch!!!

That is all!


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