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Again to those who have lost someone, or those who were there in Las Vegas , for those who have endured all the Hurricanes, and for so many just going thru Hell on Earth, my prayers and thoughts.

This is the blog posting , however that I pondered all weekend. I try to not seem too rude, too harsh, but I am unapologetically myself so hopefully if you are a male reading this , this will improve your perspective. If it doesn’t well it will be further testament to why myself and other companions need to keep being hard-lined on some things.

Recently on Twitter a posting from a male forum or review board was shared. It was a “boy” because in my opinion I use the term “man” only for those who show companions, respect, appreciation and know a ladies worth.. for all others BOY applies in my lingo. To the point, this man was complaining and bitching about what we companions say and do on Twitter. How he and others are tired of us “client shaming” “male bashing” “begging” “complaining” or asking for or posting “wish list items”!

Let me be clear and I am sure my words speak for more than just myself. IT IS MY TWITTER, IT IS HER TWITTER, her voice , her truth. We are adults, not your children, not your wife, not anything or anyone you may have control over. Newsflash YOU PAYING US OUR DONATION , STILL DOESN’T GIVE YOU OWNERSHIP OR CONTROL!

You all seem to think and wrongfully so that you all control our bodies and thoughts. It is unfortunate that review culture somehow allowed you ( meaning males , non sex work males) to think you have some power over us. It is even more shameful that so many companions have been brainwashed or forced ( due to finances and other reasons ) to also believe you have the control. If you get offended by my next statement and comment so be it, I truly don’t care because I am going to be honest anyway.. YOU NEED US ( MEANING MEN) sure we need your funds, BUT at the end of the day YOU NEED US, MEN HAVE AND WILL ALWAYS NEED WOMEN, AND FOR MORE THAN JUST PHYSICAL , ALTHOUGH ON THIS TOPIC, PHYSICAL IS THE EXACT NEED!

Men no matter how wonderful, no matter how responsible , deep in their unconscious core are always going to be “child like” . Yes , I said it , please don’t take it as insult take it as truth and examine it. You all need us, SO while you are running around spewing your hate, anger and misogyny and angry because you HAD TO PAY us to entertain you , to scratch the itch your wife or girlfriend wont, or maybe you are completely lonely and have no one, STOP AND THINK THAT MAYBE INSTEAD OF BITCHING AND GRIPING ABOUT WHAT YOU DID, HOW MUCH YOU SPENT AND HOW SHE MAY HAVE BEEN LESS THAN PERFECT, that your companion is a person, with a brain, feelings and a real life.

That yes you helped her pay some bills ( its her job, just like when you go to work SHE EARNED WHAT YOU GAVE HER) stop talking about what we say, how we talk on social media about men “who support us” AGAIN you aren’t my life partner or significant other, you are paying me for my time and service I provide you with. YOU ARE A CUSTOMER.
You cannot speak on it and support it like you are my best friend or lover or family member who is supporting me and who I owe so much gratitude to that I cannot voice my opinion.

Furthermore, IF you behave like an asshole expect us to share that, it saves the other ladies who may come across you time and energy. Also it reminds some of you who need reminding that you are NOT better than me , or other sex workers. Your life and expectations do not TOP or SHADOW mine. You may not like it but we are equal to you.
You get to get online on review boards and your forums and say all the negative bullshit you can about us BUT you want to cry and whine because ladies get on Twitter and share their experiences or as you like to call it “client shame ” you?!?!? You have been doing this to us for years….

Again what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

And to me any “boy” who has an issue with what is said about him online especially if negative needs to spend less time complaining about what was said and more time examining his own behavior that lead to it.!! What part did you play in it sir? Most of the time it’s that you already had some underlying hate of women and took it out on the companion or my favorite YOU DIDN’T READ A COMPANIONS WEBSITE IN FULL TO BE SURE YOU WERE REALLY A GOOD FIT AND THEN acted awful on the appointment or even worse after the appointment went home and did a revenge review because you didn’t get what you expected or wanted BUT HAD YOU OF JUST READ THE SITE BEFORE VISITING HER, YOU’D OF KNOWN HER PARAMETERS… stop blaming and shaming providers and blame yourself when it REALLY IS DUE TO YOU and maybe then some of the “client shaming” and blacklisting won’t happen to you. If you can SLAM us online WE CAN and have every right to do the same to you!

THIS .. THIS one really has me exasperated though, to complain about us having wishlists, to see it as begging.
First of all dude, if you don’t want to buy a lady an extra thank you , there’s no set in stone requirement requiring you to, UNLESS you are participating in #fendom #findom, in which case then it is mandatory . But, if not and it’s regular companionship, we put those list on there for the REAL GENTLEMEN, UPSCALE, MATURE GENTLEMEN, who
appreciate us to the degree of wanting to go the extra mile, the awesome gentlemen who realize those tokens show us we are more to you than a lump of flesh for your usage and that THAT kind of thing gets you treated so special and the connection is so much greater and genuine with those gentlemen. So instead of complaining about our wishlists, maybe take notes from the REAL GENTLEMEN, and learn that extra treats for us , get extra treats for YOU!

On a whole bitching and complaining about a woman or provider, having a brain , being vocal about her beliefs and opinion her having a wishlist, her having self love and self respect enough to stand up for herself and demand respect shows how far away you are from being a REAL MAN, and how immature and insecure you are, not to mention cheap and probably not worthy of our time.

Go figure out how to be gentlemen and learn that sex workers are still LADIES and should be treated as such , with respect!

Good day all!


These photos now attached, I am adding with permission of the original Twitter poster, so you can have context of these thoughts…

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