Sites Discouraging Deposits

Hey everyone. So its the Holiday Season so many of us are posting on sites that we otherwise may not use. Also many of us travel so regardless of a reputation of a site , if that’s where the men in an area look, we are going to use those sites. Plenty will lie and deny ever using those sites… but I digress.

At any rate I am still seeing sites ( the two I have noticed in on, Skip the Games and Erotic Monkey) having warnings included in the site warning men to not pay deposits.

This is wrong and should not be being stated in the manner it is. Here is what you need to understand about deposits. It cost a lot of money to do photo shoots, pay travel costs, book rooms etc, or even maintain the cost of an incall , even if residential. Especially if the said sex worker is touring.

So many men like to “window shop” or “play” book. Some will even complete the screening process and book a date only to cancel last minute or ghost. If a lady is touring imagine how awful it is if she doesn’t have a deposit or cancellation fee to fall back on.

Even if she’s not touring you don’t know what overhead she experienced. Maybe she is a mother who had to pay daycare, maybe shes a student dealing with tuition costs. This is a business and plenty of “civvie” world businesses require deposits.

We do not ask for them to steal from you. It’s to compensate for our time should you decide to cancel or be a time waster.

Prior to giving a lady a deposit you should research her. Does she have an online presence you can see that goes back for a while? Does she have a website, videos ? Check her social media. There are all kinds of ways to figure out if someone is reputable and if you can or should send a deposit to them.

Deposits are an increasingly normal part and expected part of meeting upscale, reputable companions. It shows that you value our time and are willing to prove you are serious and sincere about meeting.

Don’t let these slobbyist sites lead you the wrong way.

Happy Holidays and Happy playing.


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