Slow Spells, Oh how I hate them

I am used to being low volume, I prefer it so I am not hoping to have people running in and out of my home as I have to keep a pretty low profile. However, this last month has been a type of odd, almost eerie slow. I am not certain if it’s due to me having become much more serious in regard to deposits , which is stated clearly on my site, or if its just some weird thing. I have had several ladies I converse with complain of the same thing, but it’s so dead that I am super irritated.

I am a woman who thrives on being active, and on socially engaging with and entertaining people. It’s very important to me. When it is slow like this I almost begin to slip into the abyss of depression as I like to call it. Escorting is my job, so this is like being laid off only without warning. I hope things get back to atleast being consistent again soon.

I retire end of Jan 2018 so I do not have a great deal of time to save up to ensure me and my family are ok the first few months of transition, so for me especially I truly cannot afford this type of “slow” business.

If you’re a gent reading this , I love spending time with men with manners, who are well spoken , with a good sense of humor and a warm spirit. Men who understand that regardless of how we are meeting we are both human and we both need company of others. I am truly at my best when in the company of a real gentleman, enjoying dinner and a glass of wine and laughter and caresses. I am not a good fit for men who just see escorts as flesh they can bend over and pound.

Maybe, here in Atlanta that is why it’s difficult, because so many men have forgotten how to be gentlemen.
I guess that is why I turn down so many guys. Perhaps I should not say it is slow, I get calls, I get emails , maybe I should say it’s been an awful month for finding men of real character and caliber to spend time with.

I simply have standards and I am unapologetic in regard to that.

I hope to meet a few decent, good men today and tomorrow before I seriously die of boredom!

IF you’re another provider reading this, since it’s slow for me on the provider front now is an excellent time to get your website created or to have me do assistant work as I have time on my hands lol.


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