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( Please pardon any typos, I just needed to share my thoughts this

This week will be a busy one for me , but I look forward to it. It’s more busy due to my kids returning to school and that is always welcomed to me. Their return to school opens up more time for me to work both as a companion and a web designer and screening assistant. It is a rainy Monday Morning here in Gainesville, Ga today. I love this time of the morning where it’s so quiet and dark and I can listen to the rain pellets hitting my bedroom window. Rain and storms are the most peaceful sound I can imagine…

On to today’s topic I don’t really know that it is a topic it’s more like just a therapy blog day for me. I suppose its a continuation of my confusion in regard to this complete disregard for the safety of those of us in this business and lifestyle. I am not a fan or review boards for any other purpose other than the ladies only forums that are sometimes found contained within the sites but for the most part, review boards breed and cultivate misogyny at its worst.

There seems to have been just in the last year a negative shift in the quality of clients Atlanta particularly has to offer. I used to get screening forms completed with ease just a few months ago. Men in Atlanta can be a bit cheaper than most markets, which I think all of us dislike. I find in Atlanta that only those with fake butt injections and fake breasts who look like video girls are truly able to get what they should without having to weed through a bunch of whining , bitchy complaints from men, or we need to be white , or ( the worst) offering crazy unsafe acts, for Atlanta men to  give us our rate or to screen.( BY THE WAY NOTHING AGAINST PLASTIC SURGERY, It’s your body do what you like with it, and I would not body shame anyone or their choices, I am merely describing the atmosphere here) The rest of us who have scruples, who have worked the trenches, or even those of us who are newer ( not myself I am a vett) but others who hold ourselves to a high regard of safety and self esteem are aggravated daily by gentlemen who think just because they are paying us that we should gladly just not care about our safety at all. Men who think we should not screen, that we should just let you come over, or come to you off you going by something like John Doe who is using a voip phone or burner phone. Gentlemen, THIS IS INSANE, what’s even more insane is this notion you have of asking providers or saying to providers ..”I’ll send my info to you, after you send me your ID and real name”. Guys I do not know who taught you that, and I hear it more and more all the time but let me clear some really simple things up for you…..

The companion places the ad, therefore she assumes a large portion of the legal risk..
Not only the legal risk but the companion faces the threat daily of murder,rape,abuse, and arrest, or robbery…
You have every opportunity to research our legitimacy, but reading google, by looking at our Twitter, Instagram, Websites ( the smartest way) etc. So you see in most cases you have info on us, not real world info but if you’ve done your research you know we are safe.

We on the other hand know NOTHING about you without screening you. Unfortunately due to the political atmosphere and all the bureaucratic bullshit we as companions now more than ever and especially in Atlanta lately have to worry daily about LE giving us fake references, showing FAKE ID’S so sorry but not sorry. We ladies must have your real, I repeat real name and real info , and Linkedin or Facebook etc to verify who you are and what your occupation is. References Unless it is a well known companion who I personally know , have met and can trust just really won’t cut it. Too many cops have gotten onto review site and built up references. BE PREPARED TO RESPECT THE EXPECTATIONS OF SAFETY OF COMPANIONS DURING THIS TIME AND PROVIDE ALL YOUR INFO.

As I stated in a blog entry last week.. guys they do run reverse stings. Cops do and will place ads and use female officers or girls who have decided to work with them to arrest you. Atleast the girl who’s screening you is not a cop. Cops make meeting them super easy , there will most likely be NO screening requirements if a female or ad is being run by cops to arrest you guys.

So my major pet peeve with the guys of Atlanta is the lack of respect and maturity when it comes to respect and safety.

Also the Atlanta market has gone so far below a reasonable market as far as rates go. Prices have gone up as far as rent, food, education etc. These simple needs of life especially for those of us with families cannot , should not be overlooked. We are people and the well being of our family is just as Important as the well being of yours is…
It is insulting, revolting to offer some of the donation amounts that you guys offer us as well as some that some ladies are forced, or feel forced to agree to or offer. Anything below 200 is really insulting but I understand and so do most.. that in extreme situations most of us are ok if you atleast can or will do 1OO but only in circumstances where financially its been a slow month or there is a crisis. But to offer anything to a lady below 1OO is horrible and frankly if you as a gent are taking advantage of ladies for less than 1OO you should be ashamed of yourselves as men!! Yes I said it you should be ashamed.

You guys have no idea, the amount we spend on ads, photos, websites, incall locations, touring, technical devices required for our work, outfits, upkeep etc.
We in most cases are solo business owners , with no paid sick leave, no company provided medical coverage etc. I in my case want no parts of government aid so I have provided everything food and medical included for myself and kids out of my pocket! Please do not insult my integrity or intellect by trying to low ball me. I offer lower rates when I WANT TO , I will NOT do it by force or by coercion.

Please stop contacting us, and stating ridiculous acts, services ( which you shouldn’t be mentioning anyway) for low ass, stupid amounts of money. AGAIN I REPEAT , I don’t offer illegal services I only accept money for my time , so that is all you should ever contact me in regard to! My donations page clearly states my expectations for my time, respect them. I expect anyone who’s contacting me to be a mature adult, of sound mind and education who is able to read before contacting me.

I hope the atmosphere both legally , politically and respect wise changes here in Atlanta. I hope clients remember to treat us ladies as we deserve to be treated. We provide you with your escape, your relaxation. We are the play girlfriend or play wife without the commitment and other issues. You should treat us well since we do all we can to make sure you are well taken care of . The happier you make us, the happier you make yourself as If I am happy, I will do my best to ensure you are as well!

I want men to go back to being the gentlemen I remember from the first few years of my escorting career. It was wonderful. Ever so often I do still meet great ones. The issue is the mental stress of day to day dealing with the assholes, the bser’s, and LE before getting to those diamonds in the ruff. I hope that if you have read this , that from today forward GENTLEMEN , and other Atlanta Providers… that we can make screening THE NORM , that we can get a respectable rate structure and stop letting these guys bully you into lowering your rates. I encourage you all to know your worth and then get it plus some. Men quality over quantity. Its better to spend more on a good companion maybe once or twice a month than to run around messing with the cheapest you can find just to get your kicks once a week. Trust me if you do quality over quantity you will stay safer as clients and I know for a fact that you will be treated far better by the quality companion , so cough up the requested donations. Why are you eating Ramen when you could be eating Steak?

Now since I have laid it all out for you , can we move forward and have some fun now?
I would love to wow you this week and also leave you feeling like a new relaxed man.. Let’s make it happen 🙂

Seductive Storm

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