My Thoughts on the Essay on Prostitution 3.0


Essay on Prostitution 3.0

An article, well a study was shared with some of us the other day. I did read in completion the 74 pages.
I initially was going to write a long blog on all the notes I had taken while reading it , but as I do have a life that is pretty hectic right now I decided I would type out this introduction , make a few points and then while looking at my notes speak on each portion in a video. I hope some of you will watch it, but again
I do realize that like myself you may have alot going on and not have time to watch what after me reading 74 pages will certainly not be the shortest video I have ever
created for your viewing.

Here are my most important thoughts on it.
I would never see people regardless of what agency regulated it, that I cannot have a real name and identity on.
Most of us do not use screening information to blackmail or do harm to our clients. So for me the biometrics and the anon screening then meeting system would never be agreeable.
I have avoided any govt presence in my life since years ago and I mean many years ago when I accepted gov’t assistance of any type. Of course we know into today’s world Big Brother already watches us enough, so NO I am not willing even if legalized to be face scanned to have my life put into such a system. Now in all honesty I will be retiring within this year so this proposed Prostitution 3.0 would never come to affect me, but I will still speak on it for the masses.
The only point I agree to in this proposed new model is the regulated STD testing,

I do not agree as I have already stated with the biometric system.
I do not agree with checking out the sex workers criminal history , I have a criminal history due to being busted twice but that does NOT make me a danger to any of my clients.

Alot of sex workers are sex workers due to past life mistakes that began long before they entered sex work and sex work provides for them and their families since the “moral” civie work force already won’t hire them. I do agree with checking out the clients criminal history but those of us who screen properly are already doing that.
Here’s my thought process, while I deeply, deeply sympathize with those who REALLY are victims of trafficking there are many , many of us who YES no matter what this study or any other tries to say , have made a choice to be sex workers OF OUR OWN FREE WILL. I and anyone else should be allowed to do whatever
we want to with our body. ITS OUR BODY, IT’S MY BODY, it is insane that prostitution is illegal at all. I should be able to sell any part of myself , my existence and my time that I so choose as long as it is MY CHOICE and without force…

Lastly the gentlemen who presented us with his “wisdom” in this study has never been a sex worker so to me his opinion is moot. And this Melissa Farley he quotes who considers herself a prostitution scholar, I tried to do a little research on her to have more context. I see she is leading the trail in being a supposed feminist who believes none of us are able to really have willingly entered sex work, She believes us all to be victims which is insane. I do not know her journey I do not know it she herself was trafficked or maybe a sister, or daughter of hers was, I don’t know what led her to feel that none of us have the right to be in the sex work place if we choose but I find her to be a disgusting, despicable woman for spreading such a one sided, argument. True feminism welcomes all women, all women meaning sex workers too. This opinion of hers and so many that sex work isn’t really work, that we cannot possibly call it “work” is insane. Not all of us are the worst case scenario.

Ok those are my opening thoughts… Now, onto the video or video;s it may take more than one…

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