My Thoughts On Terms In Sex Work

Well first this would normally appear on my regular blog but as you all know by now the original blogger site is no more. I am working on it and getting it back only it will be hosted on a totally different format and hosted offshore. I apologize for its loss as it really was important to so many of you , so many of you reached out to me over the years via the blog so I miss it as much as you do. I am down but not out and It will return, there are just so many entries, so many files and its taking time to redo.

But… back to today’s blog topic. This is an iffy topic as it has a light hint of “whorearchy”. I do not think I am better, or worse for that matter than any other sex worker. We are all sex workers. I am just as likely to offer care, love and an ear and mentorship to a streetwalker as I am an internet heaux, so let’s be clear because I do not want my upcoming thoughts to be taken as a form of insult to anyone , as I assure you that is not the point.

The other day there was a question asked on Twitter. The question was what is the difference in a prostitute and an escort.

OK.. again, we are all sex workers BUT there are levels to this, there are differences in business models and difference in operations as well as what we offer, allow etc. So.. for this reason I do not feel that those of us who make the difference between whether we are called “prostitute or hooker” vs “companion, escort, call girl” are being snobs or mean when doing so. I know I explain the differences to men and to other ladies all the time. Even the way we view the differences will be individual but these are my thoughts, and again I do not mean to be insulting or insensitive to anyone I am simply speaking my truth.

For me and pretty much among most people here’s what comes to mind as the description when the term prostitute is used:
1. Not alot of “companionship ” or intimacy , it’s more of a get to the sexual part kind of thing.
2. Charges primarily based on act/per service vs. time and the overall experience.

Whereas when escort or companion is used we think….
1. Intimacy, sex can happen but are not required, our time together can also be dinner, lunch, a movie, an opera.
2. There is more of a get to know you, non rushed true atmosphere of overall experience created.
3. The business model is usually more of a business operation with website, admin and a real system in place.
4. We charge for time and the overall experience versus per act.

AGAIN we are all sex workers so I am not trying to put down or insult those who fit the true “prostitute/hooker” framework. Get your money how you get your money!

I simply think there are differences.

Its like any other job let’s say a restaurant,
There’s the manager, the hostess, the bus person, the wait person, the cook, the dishwasher.
Very different positions yet they are ALL restaurant, food and beverage employees.

Same in Sex Work
We have streetwalkers, prostitutes, escorts, high class companions, mid level companions, low end companions, we have massage girls, ts escorts, male escorts, fetish providers, web cam girls, porn stars , the list could go on forever.. YES we are ALL sex workers but all very different.

So yes I do clarify when talking to client that I am an escort not a hooker or prostitute but not as an insult to the other ladies BUT as way of making sure there is clarity on the type of experience I provide.

I am NOT ok with any woman being called hooker, whore, prostitute they are all terms created by misogyny to try to insult women who embrace and capitalize on being sexual. They are terms that were created to insult and to degrade, so personally I would prefer none of us be called those terms.

What we do is a job, so sex worker is what I am, but due to the terms that so many men and civie women have come to use to try to describe us and what they expect I do prefer escort/companion over prostitute/escort.

This is just my personal answer to the question that was posed!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Seductive Storm

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