Washington DC its really almost time!!! Here comes Storm

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Washington DC March 26-30 I am on the way. Worst case scenario it gets moved back 1 week. But I am definitely on the way!

I am so looking forward to connecting with all my Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern VA (NOVA) gentlemen. I had so many wonderful, generous clients when I used to live home that I still remember many of you after all these years.
I recently had someone reach out on Twitter and ask if I was from Baltimore. I replied yes and he informed me I was his FIRST escort experience almost 12 yrs ago and he wanted to say thank you again. It is a wonderful feeling knowing I impacted some of your lives in a positive and memorable way even if it was only for an hour or two , or a night.

I will always regard my DMV clients as friends, and those who helped me become the companion I went on to become.
Thank you sooo much for those times and let’s get together again when I come to visit very soon!!

When I began back then I was more “baby fat” but not probably BBW although I do not think we even used that as a term then, but I have grown to love my new ample curves. I am not ashamed or uncomfortable at all with who I am. I am beautiful both inside and out and I exude that confidence with anyone I spend time with.

What is more sexy than a woman who thinks she’s great, knows she is beautiful and therefore can be comfortable,open and give you the best experience possible? NOTHING ! How can someone give you a good time who does not even accept themselves?

I know who I am. I know what I bring to the table and what I can provide and give to you.
Now all that’s left for those of you in the Washington DC area (and other areas I will tour) is for you, the client to jump into my sensual storm and get to know me on your own.

I absolutely guarantee you it will be time and money well spent!!!!

See you soon my loves!

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