Women of Color Weds and More Insight…….

Happy Friday Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well today.


As I am sure all the sex workers of color on Twitter realized , we now have an account on Twitter created by someone insightful, who Id like to thank that helps Woc sex workers get attention.


#WOCW began and it caused a strange and upsetting anger among some of our white sex work “friends”. The question was even asked whether they should have a day as well.


Furthermore a movement to uplift and showcase WOC sex workers was argued to be a negative or racist thing.


I wanted to explain to some ladies and men on Twitter some things they may not understand.


Same as you did not get to choose to be born white, we ladies of color did not get to choose our race either . The difference is here in America the odds were and still are stacked unevenly against women period, but even MORE so against women of color. NOT just in sex work but in all areas of our lives.


You ..other ladies , have no idea what it is to walk a mile in those shoes . When Toy of Atlanta one of my closest friends was still working she got to see first hand what I and other woc sex workers endure daily, because she and I lived together for a year. We, ladies of color don’t make this shit up.


Often no matter how beautiful, how intelligent how talented we are, men constantly say “I thought you were white, I wanted a white girl” or “You’re black no one is paying you that much” etc not to mention the amount of times the word nigger enters my email box.


While meanwhile a white lady here in Atlanta no matter how drugged out, no matter how unattractive, no matter how unintelligent can get without question as much as 300 from any man in the area without even trying. If shes pretty w body surgery and smart, holy shit the amount of coins is phenomenal.


Don’ t get me wrong now, there is a small collective of  woc/ black companions who also can get what they want without much effort..HOWEVER that group is surprisingly small by comparison to our counterparts. Latin ladies do fairly well also because men view them often as exotic. They are probably the group out of WOC who have it slightly easier.


I think most of you reading this, white ,purple,red would agree that I and plenty of the other WOC sex workers you see and read about on Twitter and our websites are intelligent, beautiful and talented….you cannot dispute that. So why don’t we deserve a day each week to showcase that!?!?


You other ladies get your attention,recognition and more each day. I am not suggesting that there are no white escorts who do not also suffer, I would never say that, life is hard period.


But whether you want to own it or acknowledge it the color of your skin, the texture of your hair does give you an edge and privilege that maybe you didn’t even consider you have….


You all talk all the time about white male privilege , I think its time you all took a solid long look and realized that atleast in sex work white female privilege exists and is going strong.


Many of you to my disappointment proved that to the rest of us on WOCW.


In closing, the reason why you non color sex workers do not need a day is because your throne and pedestal thanks to how America views and sees you already places you on a pedestal..


Its the same reason why we have black lives matter …
Because people like to devalue and degrade and act like POC and WOC have less value and worth than our counterparts and we are tired of it and making sure you all and everyone else gives up our just due and our praise!


Have a good day and try to enlighten and change your opinions.


I encourage as many of you as possible to participate weekly in #WOCW and to the other sex workers , I encourage you to try to understand our world and why this day each week is important to us, and if you cannot understand it then maybe you need to do some soul searching within yourselves.


( I Know there were a few ladies who really really really showed their insensitivity to what women of color deal with, and if you are followers, or friends of those ladies, especially some of them with a large following, I invite you to retweet, this to them or to share the direct link to this with them, let’s educate them, they need it.)



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