Why I Won’t See Virgins

For years I have been approached by several Virgins. I suppose it’s because of my mature age and the fact that I always am genuine and a somewhat nurturing person. However, for me even as an escort there are some things I just wont do.

Things I wont do include.

  1. Multiple Guys (not into mfm activities or groups)
  2. Parties
  3. Incest, Rape, or Young Girl and Daddy role play
  4. Breaking Virginity
  5. Any Uncovered Acts
    Not knocking those who choose to do those things ( well except uncovered, unsafe play, Yes I think that’s wrong for any reason), but as far as the other choices, those are up to you. They however are not for me.

But, back to the topic, which is me seeing Virgins, I am a sexworker but I also have a pretty good and deep relationship w my ‘faith” and my belief system and my personal values. For me Virginity is a very special and important thing. I am a strong believer in the fact that it should not be given up lightly that it should be with someone who you love or someone who is atleast very special to you. I have taught my own children this, ( can’t say all of them listened but I did teach it)

I myself lost my virginity at 17 to someone I had been dating for 2 years. I had experimented with “heavy petting, or making out” from age 15 till then., so was I completely innocent, no but I did hang on to that best I could. I knew I wasn’t going to be the one to keep it till I was married as I’d been raised and taught but It was important for it to be someone I loved . Hell even the making out and petting was with the first boy I’d loved before the one I lost my virginity to.( me and the one I lost my virginity to are still good friends and each others life and relationship counselors even now in our 40’s)

I always gently tell those who are virgins that want to come and see me that I will gladly see them for massage sessions and even fetish sessions BUT I cannot will not take their virginity. That does NOT sit well with me. Why? Again because it should be SPECIAL, BEING WITH SOMEONE YOU NEEDED TO PAY IS NOT IN MY OPINION THE WAY YOU SHOULD REMEMBER IT.

In my opinion that should be with someone you can atleast be friends with, and come back to and have that bond that you share , even if in secret for life.
While I am honored that you considered me, I care enough about human beings in general to want them to have the best LIFE experiences they can. I feel spending time with a companion such as myself is better suited to those who are more “sexually mature and wordly” if you will.

So my dear sweethearts, Find someone special who really knows you as a man, as a person , who will be your friend be able to be there for you ongoing as you learn yourself, someone who it’s ok for you to grow an emotional attachment to , to share your very first sexual experience with. It should not be me.

Again I am honored, but you whoever you are, where ever you are, You deserve that moment to be special!

With Care,


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